Ruvimbo Cee, In her own words

I am simple; I live , I love, I laugh. I am a motivational speaker, events manager & dance coach. I love football or soccer as other people call it and support only the best club in the world. Il leave it at that!

My greatest achievement in life to date has to be winning Miss Africa Great Britain 2011. I know that there's a huge negative connotation surrounding pageantry and modelling in general but I believe anybody can be successful in whatever area they choose as long as their mindset is correct and their pursuing purpose. Whatever you do in life make sure it is what you was born to do. Everybody was born for a reason & for a purpose and that purpose will inevitably involve helping others one way or another. Initially, I had no idea that winning Miss Africa Great Britain would be the beginning of Inflame the Dream but I've always had a passion for touching lives of the less privileged and when purpose meets passion things begin to happen.

Being Miss Africa Great Britain 2011, was an amazing achievement and it created a platform to give back and contribute to society. A great teacher once taught me that fulfilment in life is always in direction proportion to your level of contribution.

My understanding of giving has fuelled my passion and set me on a mission to help and touch the lives of the less privileged. Inflame the Dream is my way of saying I UNDERSTAND you, I FEEL for you, I want to HELP you!

However, none of this makes sense without mentioning the amazing team and real destiny helpers that God has ordained in my life. Inflame the Dream team (family) is simply amazing. These individuals dedicate their time and energy into spreading love and making this world a better place. It is the passion and desire from them to make a difference and impact lives that is the driving force behind our work in the community.

I also have the best supporting family ever who encourage me constantly throughout this journey of life. It is always good to have a positive support network because any negativity can deter your attention from your desired goal. Allow me to mention the most amazing sister I could ever ask for Kareen Makowah. Kareen as Co-founder of Inflame the Dream has supported the organisation from its conception. As the operations manager at Inflame the Dream, she brings a flare of stability, that sustains its operations to date. She is the real MVP! #HerLoveGameTooStrong

Last but most certainly not least I give thanks to God Almighty for entrusting me with this vision. I am simply a mere vessel in Gods big plan for Inflame the Dream. All I ask is let his light so shine upon Inflame the Dream so his name and ONLY his name can be gloried! Let people see the good works of Inflame the Dream and proclaim "God is good". ❤