Thrills at Eves Fitness battle

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
Steadfast rivalry was witnessed at the Eves fitness battle which was held last weekend at ZB Sports Club in Vainona. Fitness Fanatics won the Eves Fitness battle with 34 points, followed by Road Angels Gladiators on 30.4 points and on third place was OH Gladiators with 288 points. Leading the ladies teams was Tusani Trailblazers and Malbelreign both on 18 points, followed by OH Ladies on 16.4 points and Shift Fitness 263 on 8.8 points.
This year Eves Fitness battles kicked off with an explosive bang. Powered by First Mutual Health and the support of the usual partners Zol, Mars, AAZ, Road Angels, ZB Bank, IQ Media, Mazoe Hotel and the expert consultation of My Guy Zimbabwe, the battles were destined to go beyond expectations.
The battle held last weekend was phenomenal with 19 teams competing, 4 of which were ladies only teams. The battle and 3km x 4 relays, Anne robin warm up with Zorro and Lowson Muhambi. The challenging obstacle, Tug of war, 100 metre sprints all ran simultaneously as well as the aerobic endurance tent with some of the best instructors Cheny Chikumba, Paida Bvumbe and Ruvimbo Musere pushing all the participants endurance capabilities.
The battle followed the actual battle run held two weeks back in Mazoe with its scores being carried over to the main battle held last weekend. StarFm broadcasting from Both Events was an absolute clincher, ensuring that those that could not physically attend the events did not miss out.  15 teams and plenty of individuals participated in the Mazoe Eves Battle Run. As always the lead runner was led by AAZ and a decorated biker for the lead female and male. Escort bikers keep a close look out for any runners in distress and alerted Mars. First Mutual Health buses ferried the relay runners from pint to point and refreshing yoghurt from Zimkings a lovely egg and bacon roll compliments and showers compliments of Mazoe Hotel, awaited all the finishers. After the run people stayed over and enjoyed the beautifully renovated hotel facilities and the lovely gardens.
All Battles have indeed gone beyond all expectations with the coming on board of First Mutual Health and the continued support of ZOL, Mars , AAZ and Road Angels aswell as the new partners.
Eves Fitness Battles has a lovely new concept for the August battle. All will be revealed in due course.