Writer's Cafe dialogue expounds on 'Freedom in Expression'

Finding ‘Freedom In Expression’ and holding on to ‘Freedom Of Expression’ provided the backdrop for the May edition of the “Writers Meet-Up” dubbed 'Expression'.
The dialogue was hosted by Writers’ Café last Saturday at DeMOYO Café in Avondale, Harare.
Host Patrick 'Millz' Miller had the regional touring lyricist D-blok Keislim as the guest 'ignite speaker' and together they shared their thoughts on ‘Expression’ exploring what it meant to both of them as writers.  

During her 'Ignite Talk', D-blok spoke of how important it was for any writer, aspiring or seasoned to know why you write and it resonated with the participants for whom the dialogue gave a unique opportunity to express the reasons why they themselves write.
Writers’ Café Zimbabwe founder, Millz, spoke about the need for writers to be able to tell their own stories and also led a brief discussion on the question of story ownership.
It is no secret that once words are made to manifest on paper, they take on a life of their own and it is said that no two people read a story the same.
D-blok added another dimension to this by stating that there are four sides to every story, your version, the truth, the witness’ account, and the side that could have been.

Both Millz and D-blok shared some of their work. D-blok performed the acoustic version of her song “Keep On Telling You” and there was a staged reading of a scene from Millz’ upcoming stage play called “The Prophet.”

This was the second “Writers Meet-Up” the first having taken place in April. These monthly ‘conversations about writing over coffee’ are part of the Writers’ Café mission to build a networked community of writers by establishing safe creative spaces to meet, work, and collaborate. Writers’ Café Zimbabwe is a writing and meeting space for established, budding writers, and anyone deeply interested in writing.
Millz calls it ‘the AA meeting’ for writers. He currently holds Writers Café activities and the monthly Writers’ Meet-Up at DeMOYO Café as works towards having his own space.