The spoken word community has a new reason to smile!
A new space to showcase and promote local poetry has been established at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe.
Running under the title, '1ZWI Poetry Jam', the inaugural edition will be held this Saturday (June 10).
"1ZWI Poetry Jam is a Christian Spoken Word event! The name itself translates to 'one voice' and thus, it is a gathering of poets with one objective - to be one voice!
"This is a new event, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. It was clear to me from the other shows that I have been part of that the spoken word fan base was longing for an event like 1ZWI and on the 10th we will be able to tell just how much!", said the brains behind this unique initiative, one Leonard Takudzwa Mukwenga, a spoken word artist who goes by the stage name, 'Hey Hey Preacher'.

But what is poetry if it does not positively impact, impart and influence?
"Our aim is to influence the behavior of today's youth in a positive way! To tackle drug abuse, teenage pregnancies and immature career choices.
"The idea behind this movement is for us to be able to model a youthful culture in Zimbabwe of poetry and spoken word! A young people whose actions are a manifestion of the Word Of God!
"1ZWI then becomes a community of young people that meet every Saturday at The Sanctuary Cafe, National Arts Gallery from 10:00am - 12pm, so as to have fun in a responsible manner!", said Mukwenga.

The 23 year old also went on to say that there were big plans for the weekly event and that they would also open up the space to both established and upcoming artists.
"Very soon, we will be bringing the likes of SoProfound, Umind? and Madzitatiguru but For starters we have upcoming poets like Unspoken, The Prince, Teekay The Anomaly and KGTR Nele, to mention but a few", said the Kuwadzana Extension based spoken word artist.

'Hey Hey Preacher', as he is known to his peers, describes himself as a young man whose passion is to help other youths reach their full potential at anything they plan on doing!
"I am a Christian, which means God is the basis behind everything that I find myself doing! If I can be there through my art to help my fellow brothers and sisters then I would have fulfilled my mission", he said.