Ayling Mabara yearns for a life in the spotlight

"I have always wanted to be the centre of attention and who can ignore the perks and prestige that comes with being a model?
"My main source of inspiration was former model Brita Musakethulini (winner of the inauguaral Miss Malaika peagent) and I wanted to also make full-use of my slim slender body and height", said aspiring model Ayling Mabara when asked what made her take to the runway.

The 17 year old describes herself as a modelling 'enthusiast' and a huge fan of
of travelling.
"The chance to travel to different places, not only the local but global ones as well excites me and modelling presented me with the chance to do so", she said.

As to how and where her journey began, this is what the beautiful young woman had to say,
"I decided that I was going to become a model a couple of years back. It was actually when I waa invited as a guest to the Miss Teenagers peagent (2014) that people at the venue kept on asking if I was one of the models because of my height and looks.
"No surprises for guessing that it was after that encounter that I decided to pursue modelling professionally and I would like to take it as far as I can", said the aspiring model.

So how has the journey been thus far? We asked.
"My journey in modelling has thus far been fair because I have made the 'top 3' on 3 seperate occassions and managed to walk away with the crown once. This is the motivation that keeps me working hard everyday because I know that I can achieve more if I put my heart and mind to it", she said.

The Kadoma based model acceded to the fact that given the current financual situation in the country, it was hard to be part of each and every pageant.
"The financial situation makes it hard for us and so does the fact that we come from smaller cities and towns.
"Here in Kadoma we do not get as many pageants as compared to big cities and even moreso, there are no agents to keep us up to date with current modeling events and it leaves us without ample time to prepare", said the 17 year old.

As dire as the situation might seem, that is not to say there were no cherished experiences for her.
"The major highlights for me include the recognition and taking home all of the accolades that I have done so far. Having the chance to meet other models and have fun as well as getting chances to be invited to various fashion shows all over the nation does it for me", said Mabara.
Besides her studies, Ayling said that her goal was to also one day become an inspiration to other aspiring models out there.
"For the moment I am focussed on finishing my A'level studies and trying to find an agency that can help me build a portfolio.
"I want to become an inspiration to other women out there and show them that modelling can also be a gateway to success", she said.