Dineo Model Management Profile

14 church Hill Avenue
 Thembisa | Germiston
Dineo 074 922 1621

Dineo's model management was founded in January 2016 by Dineo Mnynaga, a young woman from Primrose in the eastrand. It was inspired by aspiring models in the industry that were not exposed to the basics of modeling and lacked direction as to how to get up the ladder. We specialize in modeling and photography. The model and all talent management deal the grooming models from scratch and organizing workshops that are aimed at developing these aspiring models professionally. Professional model coaches are invited to mentor these models.

Many models, especially young woman are commonly exploited within the modeling industry , this is due to their lack of knowledge with nothing but just a passion for modeling these young woman are often manipulated and persuades into settling  for less by big brands. Our inspiration comes from our determination to help young woman grow within the modeling industry without being exploited.

To mentor aspiring models from all aspects of life and groom them.
To groom young creative’s withing the modeling and photography space.
Expand into other parts of Gauteng.

Create an elite group under Dineo’s model management, a group of creative’s and professionals who constantly strive for success in creative spaces.
Enable our models to grow within the industry and further grow into international markets
To expand into other African markets.
become an internationally recognized brand
Work closely with establishment brands in grooming aspiring models.

Dineo’s model management is currently branching into other parts of Gauteng, outside of the eastrand, with a response from new markets being quite promising. In the last six month, we have been working closely with prominent persons within the e modeling industry to work with us in the grooming our models. We have also been hosting a series of small events, this includes workshops and fashion shows and photo shoot to flow our models to gain experience through doing practical work.

We also believe in developing our models holistically and therefore have been engaging in programmes that assist our models in learning about responsibility, emotional and psychological awareness.

Dineo’s model management provides a space for aspiring models to learn more about the modeling industry, grow within the industry and brand into bigger markets with the assistance of professional model coaches and a team of highly dedicated staff, we are certain that we will reach our objectives.

We are a team of goal – driven , ambitious and highly talented components and therefore  , even as a business that has been operating for only eight months , we have been able to groom over 60 models , host 86 workshops and have had more than twenty photo shoots . We are therefore confident that we will branch into international markets , create an elite group of prestigious models and creative’s and also broaden the modeling industry for women and men from all walks of life.