For Letsholo Makgalemela, Modelling is a calling

"I knew that modelling is what i wanted to do as a career two years back when i attended one of the biggest fashion shows in Pretoria State Theatre. I loved the clothes, the energy in the models, the vibe, the attention. It was there and then that i decided I was definitely going to be a part of all that some day......"
This is what South African model, actor, personal trainer and a professional kickboxer Letsholo Austin Makgalemela had to say when speaking to Urban Craft magazine in a one on one interview.
The fitness enthusiast describes himself as a 'lover' of fashion and the arts.
"As a sports person, i've always kept fit and stayed in shape. I figured, with my love for fashion and my physique I could really excel at modelling", he added.

But as 'glamorous' as modelling is or might shown to be, especially on television, the truth is that behind the scenes that might not always be the case......Letsholo concurs.
"It is indeed glamorous, maybe even more than i hoped but then now that I'm inside the industry, I've come to realize that things are not as perfect and smooth sailing as they seem from the 'outside' point of view", he said.

Modelling has nevertheless made sure that he enjoys and the majority of his time is spent basking in the limelight on the runways, fitness photographic modelling and television ads.
We asked the young man what some of his cherished moments were.
"The highlight of my career was probably being featured on a shoot with one of the top designers in SA, Victor Galeboe and of course working with some SA's top models such as Tokologo Leshaba, Gloria Moselakgomo and Lerato Nadia Naidoo", he said.
"More than anything else, the whole journey has been nothing short of a learning curve for me, I am still growing and understanding more about the industry. Apart from that, it's really been a great journey, I have met and worked with some awesome people", he added.

The model/actor told us that he had set his sights on modelling for bigger and more global brands.
"I am working on a lot of things at the moment. I think you guys should just wait and see. It's going to be big and exciting, you definitely won't miss it.
"One of my goals this year is to model for big brands such as Nike, Diesel clothing, Calvin Klein, Adidas and New Balance sports wear, just to name a few", said Makgalemela