It's All About the Glitz & Glam at Beefy's Annual A-List Party

It is set to be a night of glitz and glam on the 22nd of July at Aldrian 'Beefy' Harrison's now famous annual A-List Party with this year's edition taking place at The Newscafe in Borrowdale .
"The annual A-list party is an exclusive elite event where I celebrate my birthday. It has become a big event on the entertainment calender and has grown over the years", said Harrison.
"Basically the A-list party is all about the glitz and glam . The guests will be treated to the A-list 'norm', which is celeb/vip red /white carpet treatment, lots of interviews and the rest is always a surprise for the guests", he added.

Keeping up with trends all over the globe, this is an 'invite-only' party and as such, we asked Beefy about what it took for one to make it on the list.
"For one to be invited to the A-list party, you have to be of relevance to the local entertainment scene or alternatively one can subscribe for an invitation via the social platforms which are currently being set up", said Harrison.

As to entertainment matters on the night of the event, Harrison sought to clarify that there would be no perfomances since it will be a night for the 'headliners' themselves to enjoy a night out.
"At the A-list party, we try our best not to have any performances since it is a night where all the entertainers are out to have fun but I have lined-up 3 surprise acts this year amongst the djs that will be handling the ones and twos.
" Everyone knows that at the A-list party, every guest is a headliner in their own right", he said.

Beefy's annual A-List parties have been going on for the better part of a decade now and have become one of the major highlights on the local entertainment calendar.
"In the past I have had some of the most popular artists and celebs in attendance and I definitely would be biased if I was to only name a few.
"Those who have had the honour of coming through to our previous editions are well informed as to why the event has gained so much attention over the years. Our A-List party has built quite a reputation not only in Zimbabwe but accross the region as well", said Beefy, as he is popularly known.

According to Harrison, preparations for the party are at an advanced stage and everything is on course for a great night out.
"Preps for this year's edition are going well and we have engaged a new sponsor this time around, something which I believe will go a long way in making the night a bit more interesting.
"What I can certainly guarantee is an elite and exclusive night to remember and as usual, the drescode is always couture. Our invitations are always the talk of the town and this year is no exception either and we have yet again switched it up another level. A combination of class and technology", he said.