'Official Welcome to Choice Cuts Modelling agency' ceremony on this Saturday

This Saturday Choice Cuts Modelling agency will be hosting an 'Official Welcome' ceremony for its newly-registered models at the Crown Plaza hotel in the capital city, Harare.
"The event is targeted at the models that have just registered with us and those that are willing to do so, including a few individuals, those that might want to be introduced to Choice Cuts and know more about us", said Datafae, Choice Cuts' representative.

The purpose of the meeting, according to Datafae, was to introduce the newly-registered models to the Choice Cuts administration and also what is expected of them from hereon as members.
"Our main agenda is to do an official welcome for the newly registered Choice Cuts models and at the same time introduce them to the Administration.
"This meeting will also serve as a platform and opportunity for us to be telling them what they are supposed to do and what they are not supposed to do as well as our obligations pertaining to their work, the roles we are going to play and what we are going to require of them", he said.

With the models having done their part, so-to-speak, and entrusted their careers in the hands of the agency, Saturday's ceremony presents Choice Cuts with the chance to prove to the models and everyone else that their trust has not misplaced.

"We are aiming to reach a point of agreement with our models and letting them know that the decision that they have taken of placing their careers into our hands actually means that they have taken a huge step and with their cooperation we are going to make them into who they want to be", added Datafae.

The Choice Cuts representative however sought to make it clear that the official welcome meeting did not by any means signal that the registration process was done.
"The registration is still in progress, for those that want to be part of us they can still approach us or come to this meeting.
"As of now, we can safely say that the exercise has been successful because we have registered quite a considerable number and though we havent reached our limit of the models that we need, the number of models that we have now is appropriate for us to start our work", said Datafae.

Looking to the future, Datafae said that after Saturday's meeting was when the real work began and that it was a long road ahead but one that was necessary.
"After Saturday, this is when the actual work begins. By next week the calender of our events will be published and the models will already be on their duties", he said.