Sean_23 Drops New Single, 'Holy Sh***t'

South African based Rapper/actor, Sean_23 is dropping the first single from his forthcoming EP, 'Tears of the Jungle' this July.
"My upcoming single is titled 'holy shiiit' and it's a rap-trap song. My inspiration for doing the song came from the "Dineo" storm that left a lot of people homeless (I guarantee you that this track is positively 'gonna' change the perspective of people when it comes to zimhip-hop )", said the rapper whose real name is Sibusiso Sean Nleya.
The track was produced by Bennk studios and is part of the 5 track EP, 'Tears of the Jungle' that is due this November.
 "I am currently working on the last 3 tracks to the Ep and the idea is to drop a song with its visuals -because visuals bring along the much needed exposure", he said.

Being a 'student of the game', the rapper said that the music industry is not only there to entertain as there were a few lessons that one can pick up from it as well.
"One thing that I have learnt in this music industry is to not just release stuff for the sake of it but to put your music out because you feel like it's worthy to be heard. So I'm not going to rush to release my stuff, I am going to take my time to carefully craft my art until I feel like it's now ready to be disseminated to the public", he said.

Besides promising his fans an EP full of surprises, the hiphop artist said that a number of international collaborations were also on the books.
"I'm currently working on a collabo with UK based artist, "Champion" the guy that made a song with Nxshe titled "you want"-I'm also working on some other duets with a lot of cats in the game both local and internationally", said the Zimbabwean-born rapper.

They say that nothing in life comes easy......well, at least the stuff that matters. Nleya concurs.
"I started rapping when I was a teen, it has not been an easy journey but hey, it really isn't supposed to be easy.
"In as far as my acting career, I have worked with the American agency "Searchers" playing a fisherman's role in a series of theirs that was shot in Capetown and since then I been to a lot of castings for commercials", said the 21 year old.

Though Sean_23 concedes that balancing both acting and music is not an easy job, he remains focussed on attaining his chief goal.
"I have only one goal and that is to live to see the person that I have always dreamt to be become a reality", he said.

Besides being a musician and an actor, Sean is currently studying Media and Journalism studies at Damelin City campus in the city of Capetown.

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