Student scores big with ‘Mumukoko Exhibition’

By Peter Tanyanyiwa
A remarkable and mixed set of art exhibitions was last week countersigned at 2 Montrose Close Mount Pleasant.
Among the different sets of artworks exhibited was Everjoy Chirove’s final year art exhibition that included drawings, ceramics, mixed media, sculpture, photography and textile designing.
Everjoy Chirove was of course doing art at Chinhoyi University of Technology, she said she themed her final year exhibition ‘Mumukoko’ as she was inspired by bees.
“I chose the theme “Mumukoko’ for my exhibition because I am inspired by bees as they take their nectar from different flowers and come up with sweet honey, my exhibition is the hive.
“With my exhibition I combined different pieces from several modules including drawings, Ceramics, Mixed media, Sculpture, Photography and Textile designing and I put them together to come up with one complete exhibition.
“I love art so much, especially textile designing and I want to thank everyone who came through to the exhibition I got so many good comments and orders,” said Chirove.

Many art fanatics who were at the exhibition were blown away by so many different pieces which were uniquely packaged.
Everjoy’s supervisor at Chinhoyi University of Technology Mr Andrew Madzivanzira said the student had exhibited great potential in the real world. “This student has a broad and diverse set of skills as she has shown at this exhibition from drawings to textile designing, so if she keeps pushing she can be very competitive in the real world and can establish her own name.
“However she must always remember that making it in the world of arts depends on how much one puts themselves in their work and one's ability when it comes to opening avenues, I want to encourage her to pick up from where she is now.
“I believe that there is something inside her that drove her to take up art and if she continue to take her art seriously this could be the springboard that may take her places,” said Madzivanzira.
Everjoy Chirove is hoping to take up fashion designing and become a formidable fashionista to one day reckon with.