'THE FRUITS OF EDUCATION', a poem by Thamia


     I have heard the rumours that success
       is a calling and yet I have come to discover that
       success belongs to everyone.
      Is there anything on earth that which
      education can be compared to?
     I am asking so that I may be answerd.

    The fruits of education are like nature in
    summer which provides comfort to almost
    all living organisms including plants.
Let your brain be fertilized so that fruits may spawn from it.
    Let your spirit bring pride to Africa, our motherland.

   I have tasted the fruits even their seeds are
 succulent, now it is my wish that you may also take a bite out of that same fruit. I hope that it nourishes your hunger and thirst for knowledge.
We all have a part to play and the development of this continent
  that we all love, depends on us.

  My brothers and sisters, even though sometimes it seems like
  things are not moving or are trudging along at a snail's pace for you, hold
  on to the basic foundation that we all share as humans, that sole basis and springboard for any and all action......hope.