Urban Grind duo drops 'masterpiece'

story by blaque aqua
Yayo and Drac are fastly improving in their music, the one and a half month Urban Grind signees are back with a new single.
Urban Grind is an Australian music stable with three years in existence that has grown well since its establishment and the latest single from the duo of Yayo and Drac titled 'In My Zone', the record label is indeed flexing its muscles and showing all and sundrey that it is here to stay.

In as far as the song itself, the beat was well put together, the raps are elevated and perfect, the production was a true reflection of hood hiphop with an Aussie feel to it, what a master piece! The song is so on point and a definite anthem.
We caught up with Urban Grind's head honcho himself, Dj Bird for an exclusive albeit brief interview and below is what he had to sat regarding the new single.

Q. What is the song about?
A. Well, In My Zone is a statement, letting people know what we about and how hungry we are. It's about showing our fans that all the focus is on succeeding and surrounding yourself with people with the same hunger.

Q. Who produced it?
A. It was a co-production by Bbanner and Yung Drac.

Q. Who wrote it?
A. Written by Yung Drac,Yayo and Bbanner.

Q. How long was the recording process?
A. The recording process was quite long, it took us about 4 hours to get the whole song finished, a lot of time and effort was put into it to make it the masterpiece it is today.

Q. What inspired it?
A. It was written as an attempt for me to explain my focus as a rapper and it is a reflection of my work and dedication to it while facing challenges in my life.

Q. Who did the cover art?
A. The cover art was done by DJ Bird.

Q. When is the video coming out?
A. Details on the video will be released at a late