"We are just as good, if not better", says Kadjah

She is part and parcel of the brand new international collaboration 'Helele Helele' that featured the talents from artists as far-afield  as Jamaica, Canada, United States of America, Australia and Italy.
Officially released on the 29th of May, the track includes internationally-recognised names such as Zamunda, Angel Eyes [Jamaica], Elle Trema [Canada], Shell Dem [Italy] and Chosen One [USA].
Taking the lead on that song is her counterpart and of course Zimbabwe's own  dancehall star, Champs Mativi.

Urban Craft magazine had a brief chat with the talented female chanter/songstress who is simply known as Kadjah, who explained to us how the track came together and more importantly, how she herself got to be involved on this particular project.
"Our producers namely Galis empire and anju blacks selected us. They combined artists from all continents which is a first of it's kind. Champs also played a big role in coordinating", said Kadjah.

As to how the experience of working on a project of this magnitude was, the artist said that it had been nothing short of overwhelming.
"It's quiet overwhelming really. I was so excited to work with such fine and established artists. These are some of the most happening artists right now the world over.
"It means a lot to me. I feel that I'm now at level of being considered among big artist. It's also a platform for us African artists to show the world our capabilities......show everyone that we are just as good, if not better", said Kadjah.

Apart from 'Helele Helele, Kadjah said that a lot more was to come and that there would be a few surprises thrown in along the way for her multitude of fans.
"I have some videos in the pipeline and collaboration with other regional artists. Some of the projects are surprises for my fans. I can not divulge much on them for now", she said.

But just who is Kadjah?
"Kadjah is just a simple ghetto girl born and bred in Warren park. Music has always been a part of me from a tender age. It was always a dream of mine to try and emulate internationally-recognized artists one day and after school I then decided to make a carrier out of it.
"I understand the sky is the limit for some artists. As for me the limit is the sky. Im going to break records and lift the Zimbabwean flag high. Just as synonymous as the name Bob Marley is with Jamaica, so will be the name Kadjah and Zimbabwe", she said.