194 ENT to Consolidate on Winter Warz Rap Battle

194 ENT to Consolidate on Winter Warz Rap Battle

James 'yung zee' zhakata walked away the winner of this year's edition the Winter Warz Rap Battle and for the next 12 months all the bragging rights belong to him.
The battle was reported to have been a success and a sure 'step-up' from previous editions as everything from the stage design, event coordination, artist perfomance and crowd attendance was said to be on point.
In the aftermath of this recent success, Urban Craft caught up with 194 Entertainment CEO Fadzai 'Miss Fafi' Chiweshe for a brief interview and below is how that exchange went down.

The Winter Battle has come and gone. Looking back on it, just how 'successful' would you say it was?

Miss Fafi: It was a very successful outing for us all and I am sure that everyone that came through (in their numbers, I might add) will agree with me. The event was well-coordinated, the artists brought their A-game and the huge crowds that came through in a show of support deseve a special mention.

How was the response from the public and the artists themselves?

Miss Fafi: The response was amazing, all the people who where in attendance had a good time and so did the artists themselves who perfomed on the night.

Out of all the other performers on the day, which ones stood out for you?

Miss Fafi: Almost every perfomance was top notch but if I am to pick out my favourites then I would have mention the likes of Ruddy, Willy and Skillful. They went the extra mile in their stage presence and delivery and at the end of the day they presented all of us with a polished act.

Are there any areas that you feel you can improve in time for the next edition of the Battle?

Miss Fafi: Most definitely, there were plenty of areas from which we feel we can improve on in the next edition and any other events that we are going to host in the future. It can only get better from hereon.

What are your immediate and future plans for the Winter Rap Battle?

Miss Fafi: We plan on having contestants from other parts of Zimbabwe in the next edition of the Winter Warz Rap Battle. At this year's event we even had an artist who came all the way from Bulawayo, so that is a plus and a sign that the battle needs to cater for artists outside the capital as well. The plan is to also incorporate other elements such as dance and beat boxing in the long-run.

How significant a role do you think the Winter Battle is playing in as far as local hiphop is concerned?

Miss Fafi: Like all the other platforms and events, our intention is to discover that raw and untapped talent and put it on not only the national but global stage as well. So ultimately the Winter Warz Rap Battle plays quite a significant role in as far as the growth of Zimbabwean hiphop is concerned and will keep doing so for decades to come.

Now that the Winter Battle is out of the way. What else can we look forward to from 194Ent?

Miss Fafi: Believe me when I tell you that there's quite a lot more on offer. We are already working on the Summer Pool Party among other upcoming events and we are also putting the final touches to what we are going to call 'Music in the Sun'.