Arnold Flex says 'It's All About Respect for the Art'

He does it all, from hiphop to poetry, to fashion and dance. Call him a jack-of-all-trades, if you will, this is a young man on a mission ......a mission to inspire the world through his many talents.
Urban Craft caught up with the gifted artist that is Arnold Shamuyarira, who goes by the stage name 'Arnold Flex' and he gave us an insight into what drove him.
"I am most passionate about music. The reason being that not only does it enteratain me and the people around me but it also provides a platform for me to express myself and say what I want to say, spread a message that might help someone or make the next person feel good about themselves.
"Fashion to me is more of a cover up of what's inside, music allows me to reveal what is inside and most of the time there is always someone who can relate and appreciate the material that comes from within", said Arnold.

So how did this all start......?, we enquired from the rapper/poet/dancer/fashion designer.
"I started dancing when I was 13, I was influenced by the iconic Micheal Jackson so I initially started out by imitating him. I got introduced to more dance styles and dance knowledge as i grew up, thanks to social media and dance workshops. I have won and lost competitions but I have never given up. I now understand that every dog surely has it's day.
"As a rapper and poet, much of the influence came from Eminem. It started 12 years ago as well, I went from writing lyrics, to freestyling in the hood with the hommies to actually stepping into the studio and cooking up some 'food for thought' for the audience. As I matured, so did my lyrical content", said Shamuyarira or 'Flex' as he is affectionately known to his followers.

The multi-talented artist said that he got the name 'Flex' from his friends, "the dancing style that I started with involved a lot of 'waves' and 'flexing', the name Flex came to life as a result of that...... "


Shamuyarira believes that regardless of what one does, it is always important to have your priorities in order.
"Musically my career is still underground. I haven't had the time to give it full attention, especially in the marketing field. This is because I am still a student, so the objective is to graduate first and then focus on music and dancing full time. The balance comes with prioritizing.
"I can always make music anytime, I can always dance anytime, but i cannot always go to college because such opportunities and people who provide them are not always going to be there. So it is all about setting the right priorities for me", he said.


For an artist who is as passionate about his art as Arnold is, the money and the perks that come with the industry are only but a bonus.......he has his sights on a different 'prize' altogether.
"My goal is to become that artist that is not afraid of being real. Money will be a bonus in all this, my focus will still remain on the material perspective. I want my content to influence and inspire people.
"I want other artists to respect the art as much as I do, even more than I do. I want to make music and dance that will influence the young ones like how I was influenced by those who I looked up to", he said.