The City of Mutare will this july play host to the premiere of new feature, 'Baba: The Joys of Fatherhood'.
The 10minute short film produced by Pikicha Africa will have its first public screening at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe on the 14th of July 2017.
According to the director, Igi Matope, the film was primarily made for the Zimbabwe International Film Festival of 2017, that will be held in Harare in August but it has also been submitted to several other festivals across the globe. He also went on to say that it was their hope that they can forge partnerships with television broadcasters in the region, including our very own ZTV.

Below is the director's breakdown of the short film;

The title of the film is BABA - The  Joys  of Fatherhood.  The  title  is  artistic, ironic and one needs to watch the film to understand how appropriate it is for the film. The title was partly inspired by the Nigerian novel, 'The Joys of Motherhood'.

A well educated but underemployed man, struggles with the socio-economic  challenges  but  he  finds hope  in the  most  'unlikeliest' gesture from his wife.

The film was inspired by everyday life experiences of the people in our communities. It was also the desire of the director to pen a more mature and realistic piece that most people can relate to and as such, it explored a wide-variety of themes. From the socio-economic challenges we face everyday in Zimbabwe, corruption in the  workplace to the ever-changing gender roles in family set ups – the film is at  its  best an authentic and realistic mirror image of modern day life in Zimbabwe.

The film was produced by the film production company, Pikicha Afrika that is based in the city of Mutare. It was shot in Sakubva, Dangamvura and the Dangamvura and Mutare CBD.

The crew was drawn entirely from the city of Mutare. The film really shows growth and maturity, the productions standards from film direction, scripting, acting, sound design, camera work do set a pace for the Zimbabwe Film Industry.

Writer/ Director
The film was written and directed by Igi Matope, a winner of the First Prize Award in the Hi-5 film competition during the Zimbabwe International Film Festival of 2015.  The script was written in 2015 and the film shot in 2017.
Igi is a film director based in Mutare. He has directed 2 television shows in Manicaland Province for the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, has won a film award courtessy of the short film, 'Fatima' (2015). He has worked with Davis Guzha, Cont Mhlanga and the Zimbabwe Film and Festivals Trust as a director under the Hotche Koche  Projects. Has also done several short films and corporate videos for companies, NGOs and various institutions.

Cast/Acting  Talent
The  film  stars  Farirai Clarence Borerwe as Timothy Taruza, the main character and protagonist. Fari  is  a  Film  and  Theatre  graduate  from  UZ. He has acted in the Hotche Koche projects and several short films by Pikicha Afrika that include 'Mbasa Mbasa'. He has also worked with Patsime Trust.
Trish Tinashe Sampindi and Itayi Kariparire (widely known in Mutare as Mabhobho) also have supporting roles. The film also featured first time actors like Tapiwa Marahwa and 5 year old Leo Mangweka. The cast did an exceptional job, the level of acting in this  film is mind blowing, genuine and truly organic.

Our main objective was to create a film that could compete for awards, both locally and internationally and we think with this piece we have a good chance of doing so. Our film  industry in Mutare is still very low. We hope this film and its success will inspire  growth and interest in the Mutare film community.