'Behind the Decks' with Ray Dizz

The 29 year old revered DJ has been turning heads left, right and center wherever he goes because of his prowess behind the decks and has shared the stage with international acts like P-Square, Ice Prince, AKA, Movado and D’Banj, to mention but a few.
Late last year he shrugged off stiff competition from local and regional acts to represent Zimbabwe at the Miller Sound Clash Finals in Las Vegas, USA.
His capabilities have however not been limited to the art of deejaying as he has proven that he is is just as 'potent' behind the microphone as he is behind the decks and hits such as “729” and “She Loving the Crew” to mention just a few, quickly come to mind.

He has shared the booth with the likes of Simba Tags, Reverb 7, Smiley and Lochnation, among others.
In recent years, the award winning DJ has teamed up with DJ Rawse to form an incomparable duo and gone on to become a resident DJs at clubs such as Mekka, Sky Bar, H2O, Liquid Lounge and Lime, to mention but a few. That list also includes a residency at 1+1 Happy where he plays alongside the likes of Judgement Yard.
Besides being a resident DJ at some of the biggest clubs in Harare, he has also become a permanent fixture at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa).

Internationally recognized deejay, Ray Dizz [RD] faced a few oddball questions from our writer, Aqua Blaque [AB] and below is how this 'strange' encounter went.

AB: What is your real name,where were you born?
RD: Rayhaan, Born In Harare Raised In Braeside

AB: What kind of person were you as a child?
RD: Quiet and to myself, very Introverted. It was just me and my music.

AB: What was your biggest fear as a child?
RD: Snakes and heights. I have since conquered heights ....it's just snakes that I need to get over and hopefully I can do so this year.

AB: Did your childhood influence your career?
RD: Very much so because growing up I aways had music around me. It clearly shaped me into the person that I am today.

AB: What were some of your favourite activities as a teen?
RD: That would be chess and football.

AB: Did you watch porn growing up?
RD: Didnt We All?

AB: Who was your celebrity crush?
RD: Cassie

AB: How far did you go in as far as your education?
RD: Diploma In Art & Graphic Art

AB: Can you list for us some of the memorable places that your deejay career has taken you?

RD: Deejaying has taken me to places like the Uk, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and USA Las Vegas, all of which were memorable.
I had the opportunity to play at the Minestry Of Sound, South Africa Played and graved quite a number of events there. In Las Vegas I met a lot of music industry execs that I am still In touch with to this day.

AB: Who/what played a significant role in growth of your career?

RD: Allah(God)