Dj Divara sits down with Keilloe Prejon.

So by now most of us will be familiar witj the infamous Dj Divara by his hit track "Koda'Kulimi" which got a lot of clubs 'bumpin' this past holiday season in Matabeleland.
The Hwange-based wheel spinner whose real name is Divine Mudenda is also a music Producer, Artist (Singer) & is a Professional Dj.
The 22-year old has been a regular on the deejaying circuit since 2010, that was of course before he started music production at a small in-house studio in 2014 where his passion for music grew stronger with each new day.
Through dedication and a God-given talent, Dj Divara has moved to advanced studio level and with time everything only became better. Today he is working on recording brand "Masterfame Records" which was founded by Billz. Divara has worked with almost every artist in his town in studio sessions and/or on stage and has also worked with artists in Victoria falls, Mdhara Milleh & Loxion Boys (bulawayo) just to mention a few.

Below is how my interview with Dj Divara went . . .

Keilloe > Who are you looking to work with in Matabeleland in the near future?

Dj Divara > I am looking foward to having live recording studio sessions with local live music bands. As a good Dj, I often have opportunities of playing at very big events, shows and festivals. I have the unique opportunity of being able to not only showcase but market local music to different people as I play in and out of town on s regulat basis.

Dj Divara is also a promoter in Hwange on a small scale. Organising and hosting some of the local talent shows. He has also brought up recording projects and instrumentals for all artists and compiling albums which he then submits to radio stations. eg: Breeze Fm, National FM and to his fellow Djs as well. Compared to other towns like Victoria Falls and major cities like Bulawayo and Harare, the entertainment scene in Hwange is relatively 'tame' but that is not to mean that it is not engaging.
"we need big promoters who will support local artists and our own radio stations" - says Mudenda.

Keilloe > Matabeleland entertainment has a lot of movement right now, from the music, fashion to the modelling. What does it take for one to stay afloat?

Dj Divara > I am working on upgrading my game in every way possible, so far i will be releasing new music and working with a lot of experienced artists then do bigger and better shows plus more countrywide tours . . .

The latest dancehall riddim by Dj Divara was co-produced by "Dhara milleh" at Music Life Records, since the riddim dropped it has been doing very well on the chats. Current hitsong in Matabeleland by "dhara milleh" titled "Seven Percent (7%) came off that same riddim which was graced by 15 artists in total, including Master Reins. After the production, Dj Divara usually submits his music to Radio Stations just like he did with the launch of the Chipangano riddim on Breeze FM. Sometimes they sell or give away copies of their music. Some of the tracks are uploaded on social music sharing platforms (eg: and he also submits his music and projects to other local and international DJs so he can learn from them. I think that's one thing we can learn from Dj Divara, you should submit your work or projects to more experienced people in the same market as you so you can learn from them both locally and internationally.

Keilloe > Any words for a young Dj or artist who might be reading this?

Dj Divara > To all the djs, artists in or wanting to join the industry, i tell you, it is not easy. Along the way you will face challenges, temptation and criticism but dont you dare lose focus. Always aim high but most important of all......pray to God, he will guide and bless your work.

Keilloe > How can the fans get in touch with you?

Dj Divara > You can checkout facebook @ Divine Divara for more links and updates, WhatsApp Advertiser 0785408785

Keilloe > Any last words? . . .

Dj Divara > Thanks bra for this awesome interview, shout out to Brayzz Africa for that one. A special thanks goes to all those who believed in what i do since the day one. Thanks for your support and I will definitely keep on making you proud, Shout out to everyone reading this...stay blessed!

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