J Garnet has a 'face-to-face' with Keilloe Prejon

So most of us might know J Garnet for his various hit tracks that include "Real Ndebele" and the more recent "Empumalanga" which is also one of the theme songs in Matabeleland at the moment. With this being said we have compliled an interview with J Garnet to give you a brief insight into his work and what he does.

Junior Garnet, aged 21 is an Award winning hip hop artist, song writer, musician and he is also a good actor. Junior is the founder and CEO of JG Nation, one of the fastest growing music brands in Hwange, Matabeleland.
Garnet is currently based in Hwange, Empumalanga, a place that inspired the theme song "Empumalanga" which is one of the major hits by which he is known by and lately it has been trending on local radio and TV stations. J Garnet started doing music in 2010 but professionally in 2014 and the young man has never looked back in spite of the challenges that came his way.
He is currently working on his debut album titled FRAGILE and generally, the album talks about Garnet himself and the community he lives in as well as the problems he faced along the way and how he tackled them.
Before his album hits the market, the rapper is set to release a single titled #Bayakhuluma, a track that he hopes will lay the foundation for the album launch.

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"I'm just making music that talks about things people can easily relate to, the language that they best understand and the genre that most people like - Says Junior Garnet when asked how best he'd describe his sound.

Keilloe: who is your target market and how best do you distribute your work to your market?

J Garnet: My target market is everyone who loves music and entertainment as well as anyone who has ears for good music. There are many ways I distribute the music to my audience and market. I deliver soft copies in person (via bluetooth/shareit), sometimes cds too. The best way to distribute is marketing the song before release, it will find its way to the people once it is out.

Keilloe: How has the response to your music by the market been like thus far?

J Garnet: I'm on a purple patch at the moment, everything about my music is pointing upwards and the market responding well. Once in a while they even give me new ideas that make me grow strategically as well.

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People should look foward to J Garnet's new album titled Fragile which is set to drop this September. The rapper said that he is still looking forward to working with Lee Zim (Lee Mc Honey) "......her voice is fire, her art is something else......" - says Garnet.
He recently joined hands with Brio Zimhouse and DashBeats to establish a movement called Immortal Mondays which sees them dropping new music every Monday. Most of it is from upcoming artists, it is a platform that is meant to promote local artists and entertainers as well.

Keilloe: Any advice you can give to upcoming entertainers in Matabeleland who are looking up to you?

J Garnet: I advise upcoming artists to stay focused, stay true to their dreams and never let anything or anyone stop them from living their dreams.

Keilloe: Any Last words?

J Garnet: Follow me on these platforms:
FB: J Garnet
Twitter: @juniorgarnet2
Instagram: @jr_garnet
Email: juniorgarnet1@gmail.com
Whatsapp/Call +263717593152

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