Matamu: One of Kenyan Music's brightest prospects

"Music has always been that inner fire that burns inside me... I felt that it was a special feeling that I needed to share with the rest of the world......"

This was of course one of Kenya's brightest up and coming singer/songwriters speaking to Urban Craft magazine in a recent interview.
She is currently making waves on the music scene with tracks like 'HELLO KAMBA', 'RELATE' and 'CHAFUA'. She also features on fellow Kasimu artist, Gabiro's latest single 'LOWKEY' and to the beautiful and talented Matamu, music is life itself!
"Music definitely keeps me going. I am from a musical family, my dad was a band vocalist and my mum's family had a family choir.. I think I inherited the music gene from all of them", she said.


So how did it all start? We asked the gifted yet humble singer/songwriter.
"My music journey started way back when I was in nursery school but professionally, I started after high school, that is when I finally got into the studio.
"It was back in 2016 when I decided that I wanted to pursue a solo career and that's how my first official single came about (I did my own rendition of 'Hello Kamba'). For me, music is an inspiration and so I will forever sing about whatever is going on in my life and in the environment around me.
"My inspiration comes from my life itself, my friends and family too. Life has a lot to teach and it is from these experiences that I write from", said Matamu.


The artist said that growing up she was never short of inspiration as she had a number of influencial women to look up to.
"When I was young, I used to sing along to Amani's tunes and internationally, it was the likes of Shakira that influenced me. Right now I look up to women like Dela and Avril locally and on the internationally scale, I look at names like Yemi and Tiwa
"Being a lady, these women inspire me. I feel that I can make it whenever I listen to their tracks", she said.


In as far as the major 'highlights' in her career thus far, Matamu said that every day that she gets to write and sing songs was a highlight.
"Every day that I get to wake up and do this is special! I do however have other highlights like having the opportunity to sing live at the annual ONGEA SUMMIT where I shared the platform with the likes of Avril, Phy and FrashaFrasha (The ONGEA performance is on Youtube). Besides the favourable media coverage, locally and abroad I have also managed to put together my own t-shirt line, MATAMU MUSIC", said the singer.


Matamu said that this was only the beginning of her journey and that she had a lot of musical projects in the pipeline.
"I am putting together more and more tracks. I am working hard and pushing my music out there and each day I wake up with new hope and more inspirational messages to share through my songs", she said.