Meet Photographic Model Elizabeth Ncube

"I chose to be a photographic model because I just love taking pictures and I am photogenic......"�
To some, it might seem conceited but looking at photographic model, Elizabeth Ncube, noone in their right mind would disagree with her......she does look good, in fact, she is gorgeous!

What is that line that millenials love to say? I think it's "If you got it, flaunt it", or something to that effect and in this scenario the 'it' in question is beauty of course and this young lady has plenty of it.

"It was a few months ago when I was jogging that I met Mthokozisi Emmanuel Nyoni (the guy behind Final Touch), after talking to him I decided to be a model.
"He is the one who convinced me to try modelling...I wasn't sure about it at first but he encouraged me...I remember him saying 'Lizzy you can do this, let's meet this weekend for a photoshoot session', that's when this whole photographic modelling thing started for me", said Elizabeth or 'Lizzy' as she is affectionately known.

The ambitious young woman said that doors are opening up in the entertainment industry due to her work in front of the camera lens.
"My journey has been fantastic, people are loving my pics and more and more opportunities are lining-up as a result of my photoshoots.
"I will be featuring in a couple of music videos as well in the coming months among other projects. There are definitely bigger and better things to come", she said.

Though she is relatively new to the industry, Lizzy seems to be growing in confidence with each new photoshoot
"Most memorable moment so far would probably be when I did my second photoshoot, I was so confident and the poses were amazing, I did not know that I could be crazy like that in front of the camera", said Lizzy.

Besides modelling, Elizabeth is also a Journalism and Media studies student at Nust [National University's of Science & Technology] and her goal is to not only excel at modelling but her journalism career as well.
"My goal is to be a world class model and at the same time be one of the best journalists in the country", said Ncube.