Nial Ainca is "Gunnin" for ya'

Very few people would have known or even have come across the name 'Nial Ainca' prior to the recent edition of 194 ENT's Winter Warz Rap Battle but it is safe to say that the situation has changed.
The 18 year old femcee/pop artist came, she saw and she definitely conquered the stage! Though she might not have walked away with the honours, her perfomance left a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of all those in attendance.

Whether it is her silky voice combined by her skills behind the microphone or those killer 'A-List' looks......there is no doubt whatsoever that the young lady has got star power and quality.
"Music is something that I am passionate about and something that has helped me through a lot of phases in my life.
"Initially, I started out as a singer. That was back in 2014 before a producer and friend of mine (Spirit Fingers) encouraged me to also take up rapping and in doing so I released my debut single 'Gunnin' in June this year", said Nial Ainca.
"Honestly, I feel like it is something that I always had in me but it was Spirit Fingers who pushed me in the right direction and gave me the belief that I could do it and then once I started writing lyrics, it just stuck 'cause' I grew to love it more and more.
"He still encourages me to sing and rap at the same time so I will be doing just that in future recordings. I know its cliché to say this but it is like a part of me awakens through music and despite everything else in my life, it was just that one thing I always knew I needed to do", she added.
Ainca's inspiration came from the likes of Demi Lovato (primarily because she could relate to her music) Big Sean and Nasty C "because there is so much truth and substance in their music"
Just like her idols, the femcee believes in substance and making a difference through her music.
"I aim to be inspirational as my music is mostly based on things that I have gone through and still go through as a person and I also rap about things that happen in other peoples lives.
"Everything around me inspires me, I draw emotion from my life, other peoples lives, sometimes even the shade of a colour can get me writing", said the 18 year old.
The rapper/pop singer confirmed to Urban Craft that she will be releasing more tracks and hopefully an EP as well before the year end.
"Right now I am working on my EP and a few singles. I can't really say much on it but I believe the EP is gonna be a game changer", she said.

Ainca does however concede that she is by no means a finished product yet and has been putting in the hours behind the scenes in an effort to develop her own unique sound.
"I am in the process of learning how to blend my rap skills with my singing and so far people who have listened to the project have likened me to a fusion of Kehlani, Jhene Aiko and Remy which honestly makes me feel so honored.
"I am still developing my own sound which is fun to do and the producers are great to work with and they are helping me in developing that sound", she said.

She does not plan on stopping there either ......
"I want to offer something more than what's already out there and I feel like a lot of music in the hip hop industry is lacking that substance.
"To borrow a quote from Kehlani 'I always said I'd be the one to do it, change the way they looking at us woman making music. Gotta put back on the crown and stop making us look so stupid......'

"There's so much more to being a woman and I wanna show that through my music and let other girls who wanna walk down this path that they can do it too without compromising who they are for the fame because it's no secret than women aren't accepted as much as men in this industry", said Nial Ainca, as she is known to her peers.