Shadel Noble: A Sight for Sore Eyes

story by Blaque Aqua
Sunday mornings are the same for me, when all the pastors and priests dressed themselves in their fancy robes to look as gracious as possible.
For once, l ignored their undertakings, for, l longed to see something 'out of the ordinary', and in that very moment, even coming across a pretty rock would have been fulfilling ......
From an unexpected end of the road and out of the corner of my eye l saw exactly what l was looking for, he shone like a jewel, he was indeed a work of art, one that has yet to be tainted.
......finally l came to the conclusion that he just might be what l had been looking for.

I quickly crossed the road and followed his movement but he must have seen that l was 'stalking' him so he quickened his and so did l do the same,when he reached a tree he hid beside it......I had lost sight of him.

As l strode along, I felt a chill in my spine like someone was following me, I looked back and there he stood, staring at me with the sun's rays kissing his body and as he drew towards me, out from his parted lips he uttered, "Why are you following me?"

l stuttered but managed to mutter, "You are indeed a sight for sore eyes and one that all morning I had been longing to come across". and just like that, I put my hand forward and so did he.

"Am Blaque, you're?", he smacked his lips, "Shadel Noble" and from that moment l had a lot of questions.

BA: So what's your occupation?
SN: Model and Basketball coach.
(His training bag was evidence enough of that but still I prodded)

BA: How long have you been doing it and what are some of the perks?
SN:*smiled* It has been 2 years and one of the main highlights was taking home the Male of the Year award at the Matebeland Fashion Week and currently I am a brand ambassador for AAMFI. I also took part as a model at the Lexus South Africa MensWear Fashion Week.

I looked at his side bag and noticed a swimming costume protruding from and at that moment l knew where he was going but was willing to ask him to take me somewhere but he stated his affinity for swimming and basketball were beyond measure and can not be changed or skipped for anything.

I said my closing remarks and left but from nowhere, a paper flew to my face in frustration l removed it and it read, "Please vote for Shadel Noble for Male Model category" by the top l saw a Bulwayo Arts Award logo, I reached for my phone and voted for him in hopes that he would win.