Shonaman Shows 'rebellious' side in new EP

South African based rapper, Shonaman is on the verge of dropping a brand new EP. We sat down with the 'vernac' emcee and he shared with us the finer details to his forthcoming project. Below is how the exchange went.

What is the title of your upcoming EP and what is the official release date?

Shonaman: The EP is called Rebels and I will be releasing it this end of month.

What inspired the EP name, is there a story behind it?

Shonaman: The name 'rebels' stems from all the experiences that I went through between my first year and my 4th year while at university. I started being serious about music and getting noticed while I was in church in my forest year, so it led to a lot of people trying to influence and direct my career in the church set up. There were those who didn't want me to go perfom outside the church, they wanted me to live a certain lifestyle, choose who I should hang out with, there were times that I performed in clubs because I believe that when God sent us, he sent us to dark places to show the light  but it's not always something that those in the church are open to.

When I do get to the places outside the church they will also think I belong in the church, so 'Rebels' is my response to those who think I shouldn't be doing my music outside the church.

How many tracks does it contain and can you provide us with the tracklist?

Shonaman: It's gonna have 8 tracks and those will include High 5 which I have shot a video for already, In God I trust , House of the Lord, Na Gad which I feature a Nigerian friend of mine, Victory, Miss world and the title track itself, Rebels.

What are some of the themes that you explored in this project?

Shonaman: The album explores various themes, chief among those being religion, I address it as I feel that it is something that has been dying a slow death over the years. I also took the time out to talk about a mother's love and I managed to sneak a love song in there too.

Who are some of the producers and artists that you worked with on this particular project?

Shonaman: On the production side I worked with @mrmorf on most of the songs, however there is one song I did with @kumbitronixx who is a Zimbabwean producer.
On the features, I worked with Real from Nigeria, Elvlasco from Cameroon, Mell as well as @Tshire South Africa.
Tried to get hold of my Zimbabwean people but most of them didn't believe in me , I think it's because I didn't use the proper channels.

For the benefit of our readers, can you provide us with a bio on just who Shonaman is?

Shonaman: I am rapper originally from Zimbabwe but raised in South Africa. I come from a family of seven with me being the second born. I grew up in a polygamous family, most of the things I went through being raised in such a congested environment shaped my musical career.

I am currently in my fourth year at the university of Pretoria studying Social Work.