Statik_SA focused on building own legacy

He credits American rapper Lil' Wayne as one of those who inspired him to pick up the microphone and do his thing.
We talked to one Prince Selubane aka Statik_SA and here is how our conversation with the 23 year old Soweto, South Africa born-and-bred rapper went down.

What is it that attracted you to your choice of music genre?

Statik_SA: Funny as it might sound, one day I saw lil Wanye's video of his single 'Lollipop' and there and then I decided that I wanted to pursue a career as a rapper.

Who were some of your earliest musical influences......and why?

Statik_SA: Teargas, a famous group from my hood, simply because when I was young I saw them winning awards and knowing that they came from my hood, it made me believe that I can also do it.

What do you aim to achieve through it?

Statik_SA: One of my main goals is to build a legacy and let my music tell a story and heal people, change my nation and bring growth to minds all over the globe.

What does your music catalogue look like thus far, any albums/EPs?
Statik_SA: Kasi vibe Ep
King Soya mixtape
Stifler mixtape
Liberty Album

Can you share with us some of the major highlights in your career thus far?

Statik_SA: Winning my first award at the Hip Hop Cares in Limpopo definitely ranks high among my most cherished moments, no doubt about that.

What are you currently working on in the studio right now. Can you tell us more about it?

Statik_SA: I have been working on a mixtape for the last couple of months, it is a new-age kwaito and hip hop sound and I got fresh faces/talent on this one. From the likes of Joko, Payseen, Shilla konka, Mos thriller to Froz and many more.
I am going to be releasing the mixtape this year under my record label STK records

What are your plans for the rest of the year......and beyond?
Statik_SA: I will definitely be focused on building a loyal fan base, growing my business and making money to oil my passion.