T.Shoc, 'Showing The Truth and Hope of Change'

by Blaque Aqua
After viewing his Chris Shoca directed video of the track 'TwentyFour Mujaho', l had a lot on my mind regarding this artist, after all, his music production is one of the most unique l have ever seen in a while.
The amount of emotion he expressed in the video was just out of this world. With the power invested in me l gathered the courage to approach him one day and conducted an interview with him......,this is how it went down.

BA: What is your name?
T.shoc: My name is Tafadzwa Ed Keith Shawa, 'TEK Shawa' if you would like. My stage name is 'T.Shoc', standing for Truth Showing Hope of Change.

BA: When were you born and where?
T.shoc: I was born on the 30th of October 1991 at St Annes in Harare and grew up in Greencroft Avenley which is also in Harare.

BA: What did you aspire to be growing up?
T.shoc: I aspired to be ALIVE, I felt that's all l wanted to do.

BA: What was your favourite toy as a child?
T.shoc: My favourite thing as a child was a PENCIL and yes l still like it.

BA: Who influenced your career?
T.shoc: My Papa had everything to do with it all, he was a very outspoken person and that inspired me as an artist and a person.

BA: Who was your crush?
T.shoc: Yeah, the crush was there and still is, but I would rather keep it on the low-low

BA: What would you have been if you were not an artist?
T.shoc: I would be venturing in advertising because l think that's my other talent.

BA: When did your journey as an artist begin?
T.shoc: I started way back in 2008/2009 and my first feature was a song called In A State of Shock with Oky and Athy. The people loved my verse and l still love it as well.

BA: What genre defines you?
T.shoc: Alternative music

BA: What do you think about the Zimbabwean music industry?
T.shoc: I don't know if we have much of an industry, but there is still a process in the making. Thanks to social media, artists like me who don't get much airplay can also be seen and heared. Yes ofcourse people say they heard me on radio but its low key.

You can stream TwentyFour/Mujaho on Youtube. It currently has more than 6 000 views.