ZimSound Announces Delay in Launch

DALLAS 27 June 2017  14:00 ET

Garikayi Chigwende, founder and current CEO of the new Zimbabwean digital music download platform  ZimSound, today announced that there is going to be a delay in the launch of the mobile music download application . The soft launch of the Zimsound app scheduled for 1 July 2017, has now been moved to 1 August 2017. This change has been necessitated largely due to the fact that music and video submissions from the artists has been erratic and hence the uploading of content has been a slow process as well as the incorrect format in submission of content by the artists has also retarded the pace at which the Zimsound team had anticipated to operate at.

 ZimSound is an application available for both Android and Apple from August 2017 that is tailor made for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to easily access and download music from Zimbabwean artists ONLY. ZimSound is currently in the process of acquiring any and all music, golden oldies and latest releases, from Zimbabwean artists from across the world and across all genre of music to submit their music so the app can be loaded and start running. Artists are required to sign an agreement with ZimSound that stipulates terms and conditions and fee structures. On the ZimSound platform, an album consists of no less than four songs.   Sales of music on ZimSound will have a three-tier system based on popularity. ZimSound will use the global system of  $1.29,  $0.99  and $0.69 per single .  Albums will sell at $7.99,  $4.99  and $2.99 with artist receiving 30% of sales.    A single will be downloaded at $0.99 with the Artists receiving 30% of sales (after taxes and transaction fees).  For most entry level or up and coming artists the music will be sold at the prices of $0.99 per single and $2,99 per album. The idea is to allow millions of fans access to music at affordable rates and allow artist to build a bigger international fan base. Logins will be created for artist and their mangers to track and download reports.

For more information and inquiries contact ZimSound PR and Communications Tinopona “TinTin” Katsande on tintinpr@zimsound.com     +263773075301

Music is submitted via email tosuppor@zimsound.com or on whatsapp+263772473301