5 Star Records, A force to be reckoned with

5 Star Records is one of the finest recording studios in Cape Town and has taken the  city by storm ever since releasing 'Usamire', a track that gained rave reviews online within weeks of being released.
Innocent Chimusoro, better known in the music circles as Yung lnno is the co-founder and producer at 5 Star Records. He was born and raised in Zimbabwe but is currently based in the 'Mother City', Cape Town where he is helping local stars achieve their goals of being recognized names in the music industry. Chimusoro has always been passionate about music from a young age and his favourite saying goes on to say "If music be the food of life, play on".
'Usamire', the track itself is in Shona and is basically about a mother motivating her child to work hard no matter the circumstances in order to achieve something in life.
For this track Yung lnno collaborated with two young, talented and very promising Zimbabwean artists widely known as Queen 5 Star and 2lani. The song is a motivation to a of young people out there to follow their dream and have faith that all will be well in the end.
Innocent Chimusoro, Thulani Llyod Chigogoshe (2lani) and Tendai Fortune Chinenge (Queen 5 Star ) are a force to be reckoned with, they may be young but they damn sure know what they are doing.
Usamire is a sure hit and they are hoping that it will also help motivate youngsters like themselves to follow their dreams nomatter the outcome.

5 Star Records also has a clothing line which consists of t-shirts, jacket, wool hats, caps and so on. The whole ideal of the clothing line is to make people comfortable with what they wear and not be scared to express themselves in the real world.