Bev and Zoey spice up Ricky Fire's New DvD

Article by Aqua Blaque

It has been four months of hardwork at First Class Records with Marlon T and SlimDoggz Entertainment Executive and Director,Trust T Bayisayi for his seven track digital video disk which is characterised by pole dancers showing off what they do best as they dance everywhere from studio production desks to lounges.
Bev and Zoey are surely dancing their sexiness all the way to Ricky Fire's latest offering which will be distributed by SlimDoggz Entertainment through hardcopy sales and Youtube account which has more than 5000 subscribers and more than 6million views since its set up.

From the snippets the SlimDoggz Entertainment visual director Trust T Bayisayi appears to have incorporated a bit of filter to beautify the visual which is a good move as it will not only make his work look even more better than it already is.

What we can't wait for however is to hear and see what Ricky Fire has instore for us and above all, what Bev is going to be doing in the latest videos because last time Ricky Fire and Bev worked together, the magic was real and so was the controversy, you can view their previous work on SlimDoggz Entertainment's Youtube channel, please do remember to subscribe to their channel