Who wouldn't want to spend some time, not only taking pictures but chatting and getting to know their favourite celebrity or socialite?
Well, the #WithLoveFoundation has found a unique way for you to do exactly that whilst at the same time also lending a helping hand to the needy.
Running under the title 'Bid A Date Auction', with the concept behind it being a scenario where dates with local celebs are 'auctioned' in an effort to raise money, the fundraiser for Simanyane Zimcare Trust School is set to take place on the 19th of August at Shisha Vintage Bar.

The line-up of celebs on the 'auction list' includes award winning hiphop artist Cal_vin, award winning model Shadel Noble, Skyzmetro personnel and BK, to mention but a few.
The 'auction' itself will start at a bidding price of $10 and whoever wins the bid has the chance to take whomever they would have bid for on a date.
"People are interested in people, networking and helping people in need. We just put all of that together and got together a team of humanitarians that we think people would be interested in spending time with. Who wouldn't want to spend time with the model of the year or that radio personality they love the most, or have their picture taken looking their best by BAAz photographer of the year?
"We even have multiple award winning rapper, Cal_vin and if you win the bid you get to know the man beyond the articles and released music (you might even see his studio and him at work, who knows). The bigger picture in all this of course being... funding for infrastructural development at Simanyane", said Lynn Mabuya, co-founder of the #WithLoveFoundation.

The model/poetess said that she came to know of the plight at Simanyane through a friend and that upon visiting the institution she found their dire situation heartbreaking. It was after that visit that she took it upon herself to do something about it.
"We came to know of the situation in Simanyane through a friend who works for a charity organisation that wants to help there. We then took the time to go see the place and it was a devastating experience.
"My heart bled at the sight of what was supposed to be a kitchen and at that point we decided to help them as best as we possibly could by raising funds and bringing to light the state of Simanyane to the public's eyes. There is no help coming to the school because people don't know about the situation its intensity", she said.
Besides raising funds for Simanyane, Mabuya believes that they are fighting for a greater cause, which is that of awareness.
"Our aim to raise funds for Simanyane but more importantly to create an awereness... that despite how terrible our personal situations may be, there are people who are in worse situations and it is our job as a community to take care of them and empower them to build their lives.
"It is pointless to take care of only personal development only to lose your possessions and at times your life to someone who has been driven to crime by circumstances, someone who is merely trying to have at least one meal per day. This marks an era of changing people's lives, nipping problems from the roots and not jus giving loose 20cent coin change to a beggar", she said.

According to Mabuya, the #WithLoveFoundation (which she co-founded with partner,  Muzzie Malik) was set up with the aim of being there for the less fortunate members of society and their work is not confined to any specific group or geographical area.
"This initiative deals with people in need. We are not tied down to helping just one specific group in society but where there is a need #WithLove will be there to offer a helping hand.
"Well as for effectiveness of this particular fundraiser, we can only try to eliminate possible set backs and present solutions for assumed problems so that this function is as effective as it could possibly be", she said.