Brythreesixty talks about new album

Brythreesixty, born as Brighton Wiseman on the 19th of April 1989, recently released his latest album which features a total of eighteen producers and five featurettes on a maximum of seventeen tracks. The album which was released on Media Fire, Youtube and SoundCloud on the 20th of August 2017 by Yedu Entertainment and GNIK Records who promoted the album with six singles namely Maswera Sei, Mail, Church, Women Crush, Gba Gbe and Balanc3 being released to create anticipation for the album.

I recently met up with him on my way to the bus to Bulawayo and this is what we talked about.

I stared at him and wondered whether he had noticed me so l sat there in silence, he sat next to me, how noble l thought. "Hi", l said,"Hi,Blaque".

BLAQUÆ:Hi,Brighton, l heard you released an album, congratulations.
BRY360:Thanks,King. Let me guess, you want to interview me now.

I laughed and thought to myself, let me oppose him but then l had an urge to ask questions hence l didn't

BLAQUÆ: How long have you been working on it?
BRY360: I knew it!! laughs,it has been a year.

BLAQUÆ:laughed what's the album about?
BRY360: It is about me balancing my normal life and my "extra life",you know how hard it is to be an ambitious person,you can't focus on one thing and once you focus on one thing. You will be a subject to a loss so its like a see-saw effect, it is best to find BALANC3 in your life before you lose it all.

I thought about what he had said and how it relates to my life and agreed with his view instantly.

BLAQUÆ: Bry, you chose a hard topic to express, do you think you will get a Zimbabwe Hiphop Award nomination with your latest offering?
BRY360: When l made the album l was'nt targetting any merit but it would be cool to have them notice me.

BLAQUÆ: Have you ever gotten an award in your art venture?
BRY360: Yes, I've won a Christian HipHop Award for the Best Act, a Chitungwiza Award for the being the Best Socialite, a Top Nigerian Award for the Best Collaboration with Lil Dizzie and a Changamire Hiphop Award for the Best Group.

BLAQUÆ: That's amazing, a Naija award!!,it would be cool if you could win a Zimbabwe Hiphop Award though.
BRY360: Yeah bro!!

I got off the taxi and an inch away,he threw me a CD.

BLAQUÆ:This is for POWERFM. You should send it to #PowerAceRadio they have a large fanbase in Europe.
BRY360: Okay can l have it?, it is the mastercopy.

I played Ndibereke by Tamy on my phone and l knew what to do!!!

BRY360: Blaque!!! come here!!!