It's All About Making A Difference for Melisa Nxumalo

Radio dj/personality MELISA NXUMALO says that it is not always about the money and fame but how much of a difference you make in other people's lives.
The beautiful yet down to earth Nxumalo is currently working as a radio presenter at HILLBROW RADIO and you can of course catch her on the popular Hip-Hop slot, 'Pass Me the Mic' every Friday and Saturday from 7-9pm.
"I love the industry and all the perks that come with it but I want more than anything else to be able to touch people's lives in a way that matters. So whether it is through music, deejaying or film, all I want to do is make a difference", she said.
Melisa herself fell in love with radio at a very tender age and did all she could to make sure her dream became a reality.
"Being a radio DJ became my wish very early on in life so naturally I took an interest in multimedia and though in high school I did theatre and drama, my love for radio overcame me and I eventually took up MULTIMEDIA STUDIES.                                                                                      
  "I started pursuing this particular career path around the age of 21 whilst I was still completing my matric because it was something that came naturally to me. Luckily enough, I met a producer from YFM who introduced me to a couple of radio stations and that's where I started radio presenting.                    "I can safely say that working as a radio DJ/PRESENTER has grown me and educated me as a motivational speaker and presenter", she said.

So what does Nxumalo get up to when she is not on air?
"When I am not at the radio station I usually go to schools and play my part in motivating the kids. I do also go to theatre sessions sometimes casting for my acting career", she said.

The Zimbabwean-born but South African based dj does however concede that balancing all her careers, from deejaying, acting to music is not easy and it requires a lot of dedication.
"It's not easy to be doing both but hardworking, dedication and commitment makes me to be able to jungle both careers which demand my attention.Also being new in this industry am trying to be a name for myself",  said Melisa.
Besides wanting to take her career to the next level, Melisa expressed a strong desire to be involved in more youth development programs.                                                                    
  "I have ammased quite a huge fanbase that also follows me on my social media and sometimes when I walk on the streets I am still amazed by how much people recognize me.                                                    
     "I would like to be recognized both in Zimbabwe, South Africa and beyond through my acting , music and radio , December I will be home to donate school shoes and stationary to the need it won't be too much but it's what am working on.                                                                

   "Currently I’m also involved with the GROOMING GAL”S PROGRAM, giving out sanitation pads to girls in the community. I wish to be more like BONANG MATHEMA, who is my role model", said Mic LAUNG 'DA Only Black Chiniz' as she is popularly known.      
Melissa is also a brand ambassador for KOCee Cosmetics hence her makeup during and possibly on other work related interviews and occasions is done by KOCee comestics.
On the music side of things, she has plans of dropping a 'DEEP HOUZ' album which she said would have a gospel fusion mix given the fact that she is now a born again christian under prophet Edd Branson's church.