La'peace_musique's Letter of Love and Awareness

Every artist has a turning point in their career and for this upcoming rapper, that moment was meeting the beautiful Pearl Thusi on her LipSync Battle Africa show and being asked to come on stage and showcase his skills.
"I just so happened to be part of the crowd on this particular episode of LipSync Battle Africa Was Pearl Thusi called me up on stage to share my talent with the audience. That was what actually motivated me to start working on this album", said Sifiso Nyamate,  otherwise known as La'peace_musique

On the 14th of September 2017, sifiso is set to launch an album that he hopes to not only tell his own story but establish his brand.
"The album is all about my life and what I have been through and it contains songs that deal with just how much I have been hurt in life, not to mention the pure honesty of love as well.
"The album is called 'Ecaepfully Drunk'. Which is peacefully drunk. It's a matter of me nearly getting into drugs and how I escaped that life because of mom's death", he said.

The musician's forthcoming album contains a massive 18tracks plus 4bonus songs.
"I got versatile and I actually tried being loud and clear in what I said on this album. There were some risks that I took but more importantly I explored all the themes in my on type of way. For me to release this album it was because I actually saw my self more serious than ever before", said La_Peace.

In as far as the collaborations, Sifiso said that he did not have to search very far out.
"I worked with a few artists that I actually grew with, individuals whom I feel have always been there for me.
"Working on this album also meant that I met and got to work with new people, among those being Jimmy Savage, Olles, Canon Bowy, Kevin Mudau, Megamind (gin) and of course my own producer Dj Zayy. These are the artists and producers that had me working hard", he said.

"This album will tell a story to each and every soul, young and old. It is meant for everyone out there. It is going change how people look at me that's one thing I know and it will offer people knowledge, love, strength not to give up in their dreams.
"The industry should expect this to be a letter of love and awareness", he added.

In an effort to promote his new album, the young musician will be embarking on a countrywide tour titled 'With God I Can'.
You cam catch La_Peace at venues like Monte casino (Johannesburg), Kasi2kasi (vlakfontein), Thsupermajor show(chiawelo), Trap gardens (freedom park) and Soweto among others.