Mitchell ‘’Mimz’’ Mbele, a combination of beauty and brains

Mitchell Mbele is a 24 years old young woman making her mark in the creative entertainment industry. She herself discovered modelling while she was still in primary school and since then it has been her dream and passion to be a model. The strikingly beautiful Mbele has participated in so many pageants and was once a reigning queen.
Of late, Mitchell is also claiming her right to be a woman entrepreneur and a tv presenter at the same time. She teamed up with her High School friend Donovan Faranando to run an enterprise called Fusion Creatives which is an artist and events management company and a rightful owner of an online tv show called The Hangout Duo.
Her passion is to see young African creative artists elevate from being mere artists to globally-recognized icons.
The 24 year old is currently a model for a private model company. Mitchell or 'Mimz' as she is affectionately known to her friends is a young infuencial mind to watch out for as she is going out of her way to prove that being young should not stop one from dreaming big and reaching for the stars!
                                                         Catch sight of and get to know more about the beautiful                                                                                \model/presenter/entrepreneur when The Hangout Duo, an online tv                                                              show premieres this month.