Mr_Two strikes the right chords with 'My Woman'

With the release of a brand new track and potential chart-topper titled 'My Woman', Ghanaian singer Mr_Two is seeking to further establish himself into a household brand.
"As an artist I am still fine-tuning my sound in the hope of 'shaking things up' not only locally but on a global scale as well.
" I am sure that this new song will go a long way in proving my mettle and taking my career up a notch", he said.

Titled "My woman", the Ghananian's latest offering is meant to appreciate that special woman in one's life and all that she is.
Mr_Two even goes further to say that the track talks about his 'favourite love'.
" It is all about this pretty girl that I fell in love with and how she gives me the type of love that I never had before.
"I am just letting this lady know that I promise to and always make her proud. I am sure a lot of lovers out there can relate to the song", said Mr_Two.

The 24 year old said that even though his attention was centered on pushing his new song, a lot more was instore for the remainder of the year.
"For now I am solely focused on promoting this new single but I will definitely be working on a new project very soon to complement 'My Woman'.
" There is more to come and a few surprises before year end, that much I can promise!", he said.

Besides being a musician, Mr_Two is also an actor of immense talent and a TV presenter as well.