Saints Of God Clothing Label, Simply Irresistable!

It was early noon when l logged onto facebook, what l saw there really stunned me, I saw Blac_Pearl, one of the most unique dresses l have ever seen and my only wish was that there existed a male range for this type of wear.

I crossed the road and l saw a gentlemen wearing an attire that had similar characterics to Blac_Pearl's dress. I approached him to ask where he bought the attire and he told me, he made it himself, I then explained why I was asking. He laughed and uttered, "My name John Tendai Mazhinye, I am the owner of Saints Of God Clothing Corporation and what you saw there was a sample of our female wear..."
l didn't know what to say l just stood there eyes wide open.......
"Are you in need of buying some apparels?, if so, let me take you to our store, it's Shop Number B1 at Regal Shop Mall" he said confidently and l told him that l was new in town and did not know much about malls and stuff.

BLAQUÆ: Who are some of the celebrities that you have dressed?
JTM: Quite a number, the likes of Ex Q, Takura, Dexter Basiq and Brythreesixty to name a few.

BLAQUÆ: Those are big names you mentioning there, how long have you been a designer?
JTM: Just two years.

BLAQUÆ: Any achievements so far?
JTM: Yes, l have won two merits so far for my designs. I won an award for Best Male Apparel Designer 2017 at the Summer Fashion and Style Award and a silver medal for the Best Designer at the Olympics for Arts Championships in Los Angeles, United States of America. We also got nominated at the Zimbabwe Hiphop Awards last year for the Best Brand.

BLAQUÆ: Those are amazing achievements, what would you say inspires your designs?
JTM: God is the main source of inspiration but my African roots also play a role because l always make sure that my designs have an African feel to them.

We arrived at the shop, it was very beautiful and that was when l decided to take a tour and look at the apparels, most of the items there cost around $25 and above. I looked at him and looked at the mirror, I saw myself dressed in the fashion he was in, his designs and that's when l knew what to do.