Tamy Explores Heartache in New single, 'Ndyeke'

She continues to make her mark, not only locally but internationally as well and the ease with which she does it has in recent times gained her a new moniker. To her multitude of faithful followers, the name 'Tamycoaster' has caught on like wild fire and rightly so as it is the only name befitting of the star's amazing run.

In just a matter of hours, sensational afro-pop singer Tamy Moyo is set to launch a brand new song titled 'Ndyeke' LIVE on local radio station StarFm.

Produced by Chiweddar, Tamy's new offering explores the issue of heartache and the effects that it has on all of us at the end of the day.
"Ndyeke means 'let me go'. The lyrics are self explanatory. It is about a woman who has given her all in love only to be heartbroken at the end of it. She has really had enough and so she is not only telling the lover to let her go but also telling herself to let him go", she said.

Given the fact that heartache is something that we all inevitably encounter in our lifetimes, the gifted singer/songwriter reckons that 'Ndyeke' will resonate with quite a large portion of her audience.
"The song in itself is a story. There is no particular story behind but rather a matter that so many people can relate to, heartbreak and heartache. Love is a universal language spoken by many and it has two outcomes, either happiness or heartbreak, I chose to explore the latter", said Tamy.

Delving deeper into the song, Tamy said the song also delt with other 'sub-plots' like sacrifice and regret.
"The track in detail talks about sacrifice for love and just regret sometimes. Ultimately, it talks about someone who is reminiscing on a past love that went wrong and how they can not deal with someone who does not appreciate them", said Tamy

As the singer continues on her magical rollercoaster ride in the entertainment industry, scooping up accolades and winning hearts over, all in the same breath, there is no doubt whatsoever that her new single 'Ndyeke' will go a long way in strengthening the bond between the singer and her fans but more importantly prove to all that the Tamycoaster is definitely not stopping anytime soon!