Teban Cee talks about brand new collabo and Nigerian tour.

It was precisely 6am when l arrived at Young Games studio (CNR 6th and Central) in Pretoria, South Africa.

I saw a figure approaching accompanied by welcoming vocals, he took me into the building, it was silent and deemly lit.

He brought warm water or so l thought, once the liquid reached my tongue its cells notified me of a sour taste of lemon-lime, it was exactly what l needed. He sat and smiled.

TebanCee: My name is Simbarashe Edgar Jacha aka Teban Cee, I am a reggae and dancehall artist.
BLAQUÆ: I am Blaque Aqua.

He looked at his phone and adjusted a button, it was his producer.

TebanCee: I am really tired, we've been up all night mixing and correcting the tracklist for my performance at the Reggae Festival and other events in Nigeria.
BLAQUÆ: You're going to Nigeria?, that's epic!!, but wait......how long have you been an artist?

TebanCee: Since 2004 when l started working with Dr Clarence at Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe and since then my love for music has grown immensely.

BLAQUÆ:When was your first ever live performance?
TebanCee: It is the reason why l am making all these preparations. It was at the CocaCola Dome in 2011, my CD couldn't play so I ended up freestyling and this time l want to make sure that such mistakes don't happen again.

BLAQUÆ: You know they say life is about making the right connections, who have you yourself worked with?
TebanCee: I have shared the stage with Sizzla Kalonji, Luciano, Anthony B, Charly Black, Nkulee Dube, Black Dillinger. I have featured Jamaican artist Massicker aka King Mas on a single called Vibesy which was produced by Jusa Dementor and it was so successful such that it got me a nomination for the Best Upcoming artist at the Mzansi Reggae Awards in 2014 and Best Artist In The Diaspora at the ZimDancehall Awards in 2015. I am currently featured by Wizza Of Africa(Godwin Joshua), an rnb/reggae Nigerian artist from Enugu State, on a track called Beloko.

BLAQUÆ: Wow, how did you meet?
TebanCee: I was introduced to him by Chief Prince Omeka.

BLAQUÆ: Beloko!!, what does that mean?
TebanCee: Ass

There was silence for a 2 milliseconds and by the 3rd millisecond, there was a roar of laughter and l felt the room come alive.

BLAQUÆ: What do you think about yourself now?
TebanCee: I think l am blessed and l deserve to be where I'm at. I sold vegetables to source funds for my initial recording sessions and l am grateful to have had my cousin by my side all the while.

BLAQUÆ: That's a touching story. Is Beloko out?
TebanCee: No not yet. I am going to Nigeria for the video shoot. The song will be released once the video is ready.

I looked at the time and it was 7:56am, l stood up and gave my thanks for the shelter he and comfort he had provided. He opened the door and the sun's warmth opened my lungs and I felt my blood flow.