Tino Zowa Talks About The Key To Success

What is the key to success?
Well.....that is an age old question that many are still pondeeing even in today's world.
Model, Tinotenda 'Zoey' Zowa argues that it is intact one's ability to move from one setback to another that counts at the end of the day.
"Modelling began as a result of stage fright. I was very shy and introverted growing up but it all changed when I auditioned for Miss Harare Junior late last year. I didn't get anything out of it but I never let that pull me down, I simply told myself that success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.
"I can safely say that I have progressed quite well so far. I participated in Miss Harare Jnr, Miss Teen Zimbabwe as well as a few other runway shows locally", said Zowa.

So is she herself a runway or photographic model?
"I cannot really choose what I like more because for runway, I have the walk and for photography, I have the look so I would say I love both of them", said 'Zoey' as she is affectionately known.

Besides putting other areas of her life in order, from school to business and sport, the 18 year old beauty said that she had set her sights on the Miss Legacy title.
"I am currently running for Miss Legacy Zimbabwe and I'm confident that I will take home the crown because I will be done with school and I won't have to divide my attention to other things besides my business of course", said Zowa.
She went on to describe being able to make up the grade as a sure highlight and a definite sign that she was headed in the right direction.
"The best moment in my career so far would be making the cut for Miss legacy because now I have the skill, the previous pageants were simply practice. This time it is my crowning moment. I honestly take myself as a queen, I think roses should be thrown at my feet when I walk past", she confidently asserts.

In as far as her goals, this is what the young lady had to say.....
"My aim is to become an interior designer, own a dairy farm and market garden as well as being the best mother and wife to my children and husband.......".