Behind the scenes on Selmor Mtukudzi's latest video with SimbaGee

I arrived at the bus rank tired from the running, my bones were heavy and heart was beating awkwardly. I got into the bus and sat there, my vision went blurry and my eyes were shut...all l could see was a dark space.

BLAQUÆ: Where are we?
Conductor: Glenview.

I asked to get off immediately and rushed for the door and the minute l landed l knew l was lost!. I walked in the town centre looking all around and suddenly some guy shouted at me,"Cut!!!,eh!! blaz buda paset isutiriku shuta video apa". I turned with an angry look but softly walked towards him interrogating him at the same time.

BLAQUÆ: Name and Date of Birth?
SimbaGee: Simbarashe Gwati, my date of birth is nothing of your concern. I am shooting a video here puda pa-road.

BLAQUÆ: When did your career as a director begin?
SimbaGee: Since 2011, when l did Juice Mpostori's DVD album and by 2013 l had established my visuals company, SimbaGee Visuals.

BLAQUÆ: What exactly are you shooting here?
SimbaGee: Its a music video for Selmor Mtukudzi's latest single 'Hangasa' and today is the seventh and last day of shooting. We have already shot at Domboshava and Mfakosi. Now we are doing a final shoot.

I stopped and looked around

BLAQUÆ: Why shoot in those places and here,there are hardly any people here?
SimbaGee: Thats because our story is about expressing the culture and origionality of Zimbabwe by placing the characters in different places of living; rural area, ghetto and urban centre.

BLAQUÆ: How much does all this cost?
SimbaGee: l can't disclose that information to you, that's private but for enquiries contact; +263 772 893 352 / +263 773 155 070 or alternatively you can visit Now may you move?

Selmor Mtukudzi: Guys, I'm taking a break.

Simba then turned to me.........

SimbaGee: Do you know what l like to do for leisure?
SimbaGee: I visit my mother or friends or shoot videos but now that those candidates aren't there, there is only one hobby left and that's to shoot videos, may l please finish my work.

I stood aside and he called Selmor and they proceeded with their craft. She was happily dancing in an empty street, l thought that was cute. I turned and saw Brythreesixty, Lil Dizzie, Dexter Basiq and GNIK running towards me and suddenly the world turned white.

I woke up and went straight to the bus driver, where was the bus going ??
he answered, "Bulawayo", l felt a relief that l had at least boarded the correct bus and l turned to go to my sit but once l did, what l saw stunned me.........l almost fainted.