Kikky Badass ready to unleash 'Queen of the South' EP

If the name itself isn't enough of a hint then maybe an encounter with her will change your mind.
Nobody oozes more confidence and sex appeal when they step into a room, that's for sure!
From the rapping skills to those seductive looks, she definitely comes as advertised... Kikky is Badass!!

The gorgeous rapper/model is on the verge of dropping a brand new EP titled 'Queen of the South'.
"The date hasn't been finalized yet but me and my team are working on a suitable date and once that has been decided, I will be sure to let the masses know", said Kikky Badass, as she is known to her adoring fans.

Queen of The South is more than just another EP title for the female emcee, it is a bold statement on her part.
"Well, I'm from the South of Samora, proud of my beginnings and yes, the southern kingdom needs a queen, that crown is definitely mine for the taking!", said the artist whose real name is Christabelle Stembeni Mahlungwa.

According to the rapper, her upcoming EP will comprise of 6 songs plus an additional bonus track and is your typical potpourri when it comes to themes.
"I explored quite a number of themes on this particular project, chief among those being life itself, love, betrayal and of course the turn up life!!", she said.

Besides the mixed bag of themes, the EP has quite the lineup as well when it comes to producers and featuring artists, drawn locally and even beyond our own boarders.
"I enlisted the services of some of the best producers and artists that I know and I am proud to say that we came up with a product that is worthy of the hype. The likes of Ycee from Nigeria, Wizzy pro beats from Nigeria (Patoranking's official producer) Jnr Brown, FUCCI, Calvin, MARCUS MAFIA, Asaph, SHUVER, KAYS MADE IT and GTBEATS deserve special mention", said the 22 year old.

With such a strong line-up of producers and features, one can only expect fireworks when "Queen of The South" hits the record stores this summer.
"I am confident that this EP offers some of the best productions that I have ever worked on and I am sure anyone listening to it will also agree.
"It's not to be f*cked with or undermined, I worked hard and came hard", she confidently asserts.

Not many people would be familiar with this but Kikky started out playing piano before eventually taking up the art of rapping.
"My music career started at a very young age. My piano teacher, Mrs Bare, had a strong gospel career but passed on unexpectedly.
"After her untimely death I did not pursue playing the piano but I sang and wrote plenty of songs until I had courage enough to let people know just how multitalented I was", she said.

Besides the music and modelling, Kikky is also an aspiring lawyer.