Michelle Wallace was 'Made for the Runway'

She has graced international runways, magazine covers and has been a brand ambassador for countless globally-recognized brands.
She has virtually been living every young girl's dream for the better part of a decade and more but Michelle Wallace remains as down to earth as ever.

What started out as just a 'grooming lesson', grew into a passion and full-fledged career.
The gorgeous model remembers it like it was just yesterday....
"I was always the tall skinny girl that everyone made fun of in my family and school, I was nicknamed mabonzo by my family which I disliked. I was such a tomboy that my Aunt decided to sent me for grooming lessons at a model school back in Harare. I was always a bit shy though because of my 'skinny' legs.
"It was from this point on that I can safely say my modeling Career began at the age of 16. I naturally found myself being drawn towards the fashion world , I started loving the runway and I knew that this is what I was made for", said Wallace.

Looking at her body of work (not to mention those captivating looks and those long legs as well) noone in their right senses could argue with that assertion...she was indeed made for the runway.
Michelle says that winning the Supermodel Zimbabwe title was just the launchpad that her career needed and thanks to it she has traversed every corner of the globe since then in pursuit of her dream.
"In 2003 I won the title of Supermodel Zimbabwe and got a modelling contract with G3models in South Africa. From thereon my career took-off, I worked with many magazines and brands from all over the world as well.
"I started traveling around the globe and lived in many countries for my model contracts in places like Singapore, Thailand, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Hungary, South Africa, Dubai, Japan, Angola , Sweden and Germany as far as I can remember", she said.

One can not help but feel starstruck looking at the astonishing list of brands and designers that she has worked with over the years.
Being a brand ambassador for Revlon or appearing in the coveted Sports Illustrated is no mean feat, that's for sure!
"I have worked with brands like Revlon, Ford car, Samsung, Adidas, Avon, Makeup forever, L'Oréal, Virgin, Stay free, Castle, Sports illustrated etc and designers from all over the globe like Fredrick lee, Gavin Raja, David Tlale, Vivianne Westwood and more", said Wallace.

Away from the modelling, Michelle is establishing herself as quite the entrepreneur and just like her modelling career, her business ventures are taking off the ground.
"I have kind of taken a year off my modelling work to focus on my business. More specifically, a project that I chose to call 'Rapha Lapha', a beauty store in Mozambique and hopefully one in Zimbabwe in the near future", she said.

Having gone out there and made her mark on the biggest stage of all, she is not only her nation's pride but an inspiration to many aspiring models all over the globe as well.
"To all the beautiful and aspiring future models out there, I would advise you to never give up on your dreams, success comes from a lot of hard work, it takes a lot dedication and focus.
"In general, be the best in whatever you want to do and always be yourself. Success does not just come to you, you have to go out there and get it", said Michelle.