Ninja Lipsy Retraces Her Hiphop Roots

She might have made a name for herself as a dancehall artist but it seems Ninja Lipsy never really lost touch with her roots.
The talented musician of course began her career as a hiphop artist and of late seems to be inclined more towards that genre than ever before. She however made it clear that this new turn of events did in no way signal an end to her dancehall career.
"I am going to be working with a lot of hiphop and afropop artists from now on but I am not leaving dancehall for good, I am still going to be featuring here and there", said Lipsy, whose real name is Tendazvaitwa Medea Chitimbe.

Lipsy actually started her music around 2002 as a hiphop artist but her single with dancehall supremo Winky D (a track titled 'Taitirana') proved to be the breakthrough that she had always wanted.
Chitimbe has not looked back since then and has gone on to work with quite a number of industry gurus and released various chart-topping hits, all of which went a long way in  establishing her as one of the prime dancehall artists locally.

She is currently riding on the wave of her latest single that was put together by reknowned producer and hiphop-proponent Take Fizzo
"My latest single is called 'Don Dada', it was officially released onto the market around July and produced by Take Fizzo (Zion music). The song is just a party song, more specifically about a lady appreciating a fine looking guy in a club telling him that he can be her 'don dada'.
"When we did that song we were all in a party mood. I, myself, Take Fizzo and Poptain... came together to put 'Don Dada' and I am happy to say that the final product was just as we had expected and more", she said.

As she retraces her hiphop footsteps, there's bound to be plenty of other projects and especially colabos on the way. The Highfield-based musician confirmed as much.
"I feature on Tk Chidz's single called 'Tamba Tamba' produced by Reverb7, it came out this September. I am also on Dj Naida's forthcoming single, produced by Reverb7 as well and I am going to be doing another collabo with Geezy.
"To add to all that I have a project with Petraho from Ghana in the pipeline. We haven't started working on it as yet but it will definitely be on the way soon", said Lipsy.

It remains to be seen how far she will go and whether she will be able to scale those same dizzy heights with hiphop as she did with dancehall or even surpass them. One thing's for sure though, listening to her new songs, one can see that she is still as talented and lyrically-gifted as before. It is almost as if Lipsy never really left hiphop!