Sandie Wamaphela sings for mama

When it comes to music, there are quite a few themes that you can never go wrong with and themes that will always strike the right chords in the hearts of your listeners.
The first and obvious topic being love (chiefly, falling in love and heartache) and the other notable one being 'mum' of course!
Tupac Shakur penned a special song for his mum and what was to arguably become one the greatest songs ever recorded, titled "Dear Mama" and Boyz 2 Men sang "Song for Mama".
Locally, Leonard Mapfumo and Roki introduced themselves onto the scene with 'Seiko', a dedication to that one special woman in everybody's life.

One 'universal truth', so_to_speak, is that nothing can compare to a mother's love and upcoming singer/songwriter Sandra Mbonga aka 'Sandie Wamaphela' concurs.
She is on the verge of releasing her own dedication to not only hers but all the mothers out there.

Titled 'Phezu' kwe Ntaba' (Pamusoro PeGomo) and produced by Cafe Records, the track is set to hit the market before year-end.
"I sang this song for my own mother and in it I am trying to tell her just how special she is to me and how lucky I am to have her because there is no other love like a mother's love for her child.
"There was a time when a lot of people said that I would never make it, let alone be able to record a song, so Pamusoro PeGomo is in-part dedicated to those individuals. It was because of my mother's love and encouragement that I soldiered on and I stand here in this position today", said Sandra Mbonga.

In line with global trends, the singer/songwriter said the plan was to put out the single and its accompanying visuals at the same time.
"The exact date has not yet been set because we also want to work on the video. We would want to be in a position where we can release the audio and video on the same day. Though we are not sure as to when this all will be done, what is certain is that it is going to be done before the year ends", she said.

Mbonga also went on to say that she was working on a number of other projects that she hopes will set the foundation for a long and fruitful career in the music industry for her.
"I am going to work on a number of other singles, collaborations and the like. I also have an unreleased song that is currently circulating online and on social media and we have so far received quite the positive response from the fans.
" This is where my journey starts and I intend to be here for a long while to come making hits and touching people's hearts", said Sandie Wamaphela, as she is affectionately known.
Loosely translated, the 'Wamaphela' part in her name means " mama's ", since she was raised by a single parent after the passing on of her dad.

Her manager sang nothing but glowing praises of the talented upcoming singer.

"Sandie is a hard working and dedicated young lady. When she gave me her music to listen to for the first time I knew that her talent was worth investing in, that's why I took the management job" said her manager, Deejay Holy.