Angy showcases versatility on two upcoming singles

Upcoming singer/songwriter Angy is set to drop two brand new singles before the end of the year.
The afro_pop artist confirmed just as much in a recent interview with Urban Craft magazine.
"I am working on two tracks, an afro_jazz song and afro_pop one. The jazz track is called 'Hupenyu Hwangu', and the pop one is titled 'Ndokuratidza Rudo' and is about havinh a crush on your best friend and the struggle that goes on in your mind and heart while trying to decide whether you should tell them or not.
"The afro jazz song on the other hand speaks about life and its hardships. Naturally,  we are all striving for success but you will find out that more often than not we face resistance from our own community and society. The same people you depend upon for support and encouragement are the same people who are trying to bring you down and this is what the song is highlighting", said Angy.

As to what inspired her dicision to explore two different genres on the tracks, this is what she had to say,
"I just felt like the love song should be afro_pop and the other one jazz. I feel like the jazz track will not only be readily received but can make more of an impact in the lives of many people out there.

The Highfields-born singer/songwriter is bullish ahead of the two singles being released and believes that she will inspire other artists to embrace their versatility as well.
"l would like to believe that these two songs will make a big impact on the industry in so many ways because they potray different pictures. I sing about love in one song and in the other I am singing about life's hardships.
"I am sure that it will inspire a lot of artists to be more versatile than just being limited to one genre", said the singer, whose real name is Ropafadzo Angela Chinamhora.

Angy said she fell in love with music at a very tender age and that is where her heart will always be.
"With the challenges that l faced when my dad and mom divorced made me to start writing lyrics at the age 9.
"I have always wanted to sing, I remember holding a wooden spoon, standing on the couch and singing. My heart has always been in love with music as it was my first love",

Though still relatively new to the industry, she intends on taking it as far as she possibly can and she remembers how it was the very first time she stepped into the studion.
"How can I forget the first time l went to the studio at vicTaks records. l was so shy I couldn't even sing well but DaRuler and the producer Mr forcy helped me with my vocals, I was so happy. I haven't looked back since that day and I plan on taking my own career and music itself to the next level", said Angy.

She also went on to say that she will be working on recording and releasing her debut album in the brand new year.

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