Deborah Kabongo, Uniting the World Through Dance

"I personally want to bring through as many of my people here as I can for as long as we are promoting Zim talent. I want to invite more dancers in the near future for workshops in collaboration with the Chinese dancers and some Russian and Ukrainian", said China-based author/dancer Deborah 'Deboh' Kabongo while speaking to Urban Craft in the aftermath of the recent 'DANCE WITH JOHN COLE: CHINA INVASION' workshop.

The main guest at this particular dance workshop which was centered around Amarra Brown's new hit, 'Akiliz' was Zimbabwe's award_winning dancer/choreographer John Cole.
"A few weeks ago I organized for him to come through to China where I am so that we do a workshop together under our studio CMD
"As an award winning dance choreographer, John Cole provides a unique edge and vision to dance and this makes him a well_rounded individual within the dance circles and I have performed on the same stages and platforms with him in Zimbabwe and now here in China which makes it more special especially when we stand as kindred spirits",  said Kabongo.

Deboh said that the main goal was to bring together the two nations through the perfoming arts.
"The trip was a business venture and cultural exchange doorway for Zimbabwean dancers. The main goal is to create a production with Chinese, Zimbabwean and other dancers from all over the world that I work with here in China. The cross cultural programs will host workshops in Zimbabwe and China spearheaded by Deboh and John Cole to appreciate dancers as one singer once said to me "dancers are not artists" and this is something that brings down our average Zimbabwean dancers to not believe we can build our own powerful community", she said.

She however described the recent workshop as a success and a 'blueprint' from which more future tours will spring from.
"The desired effect of the workshop was achieved greatly as it is hard to penetrate a brand new market where you are not well known. However the reception was great and the dancers came through and it was a thrill. The actual choreography was centered around Ammara Brown's new Akiliz sound track and Cynthia Mare's ngoro remix. John Cole choreographed and imparted his work of art to the Chinese dancers who came through and we shall let the videos say it all.
"In general I would say the trip was a success. John Cole stayed in my city Chengdu for two days and proceeded to Nanjing. Through partnership with some Zimbabwean businessmen, namely Spencer Madziva, Leo weku Fio and another who remains anonymous, I invited John Cole to China for a workshop choreographed by him in collaboration with our studio CMEDIFFERENT", said Kabongo.

_CMD is one of the most successful and well known dance studios in Chengdu, China founded by dancer and choreographers Alu(Chinese) and Alex. CMD holds three aspects - community, dance hub and educational art for any dancer who is willing to be part of a culture that has expanded beyond borders and taken in by many nations as a sport and a way of life and CMD does just that with its dance programs.