Double_S Sets the Record Straight

They are the pride of their community and one of the duos to look out for in the coming years, these two young boys are that talented!
They had virtually struck gold with only their second single, only for a fellow artist to claim the song as his.
The group however remains steadfast and are definitely putting in the work behind the scenes. Word reaching our ears is that an album is on the way and if their first record and the now controversial second single, 'Dedel'Izinja', are anything to go by then the industry better brace itself!
This is the Double_S story in their own words..........

Double_S was formed in june 2016 by Wonderfull Mavester and Cfundo Undo who both hail from Kwazulu Natal where our love for music began, Double_S is a hiphop duo that is also versetile and comes with a unique sound, which is kwaito and hiphop elements fused together to create 'Double_S sound'
Though we both come from defferent places, we met in Johannesberg and started off as friends who pursued their own solo careers. We decided to make a song together which got us the much_needed positive feedback and that very same year we came together to form a group and decided to drop our first single titled 'Shikisha', which perfomed reasonably well and encouraged us to record more music. Thus far we have taken our act to quite a number of places, from Mpumalanga to Razzmataz and The Base, to mention but a few and the response has been nothing short of overwhelming.

Having just droped our first single we were working on Dropping our second single titled 'Dedel'Izinja' this year when along the way we met Mapaputsi through a mutual friend,he listened to our music and complimented us and he started inviting us to his shows.
Everything was going well it seems......
As we were the process of dropping our single titled 'Dedel'Izinja' he happened to hear it and fell in love with it. After a few consultations, we agreed to feature him on the track unaware that this would later on backfire.
Before we dropped the song, our relationship with him has detereorated and as such, he told us to remove his verse and we complied since it was our song.
Then one day, to our obvious shock, we were to spot the guy on t.v not only talking about but taking credit for our song!
Ever since then, this guy has ashamedly been going around claiming the song as his and is using a version of the song that carried his verse.

We find his behaviour to be utterly disgusting and it is bad when a fellow artist wants to set claim on a work of art that is not his. We just wanted to use this platform to not only share our story but set the record straight! Dedel'Izinja is a Double_S song and will remain so, this guy needs to stop going around claiming what is not his. The industry could do with less individuals like these!

In spite of this setback, we carried on with our work and dropped the song and it is on a number of radio stations in South Africa and is also available on online platforms across Africa. We shot and dropped the video for it that is also available on Youtube.
Even though this Mapaputsi guy is still telling people that Dedel'Izinja is his song we will never back down but will continue pushing our song because we invested a lot in it and the fact is that it belong to us.
Double_S is making more music and our album is definitely coming together so expect some fireworks when it drops!