Ferreira shares love for fashion and spotlight

He says it is his love for fashion and being in front of the camera that drew him towards a career in modelling. The 17 year old Congolese-born aspiring model is definitely one to watch out for over the coming years.
We gave him the chance to share his own story and below are extracts from our interview........


My name is Ferreira Rodrigues Munoko.I am a Congolese 17 years old boy, I am the first born in a family of 4 boys. My family and I moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2006 where I am currently enrolled in high school.

As a child, I would always look through magazines and tell myself that the models on the magazine pages would be me 5-6 years from now, the main objective that drew me to the industry was my love of being in great clothing and being in the spotlight of which is the camera and most important of all, that confidence I have within myself that leads me into believing I can do anything.
The passion I have for looking great at all times and my idea of being happy is being in front of any camera and all that has built me to be what I have become.

journey so far

My journey in the modeling industry has been full of ups and downs but all the things I've come across have only made me strong. Overall, it has been a very interesting journey that keeps getting better by every small step that I take in building myself as a brand.


I've not done any pageants just yet because I am still new to the industry but I see myself faring well in terms of peagents and everything connected to modelling in the coming years.

Runway vs Photographic modelling

Photographic model at any chance I'm given, the reason being that I feel extremely comfortable being in front of a camera and I feel like it boosts more of my confidence and esteem. More importantly, it gives me a whole perspective on the people around me and my inner self. At the same time I would not mind also trying and incorporating runway modeling to my skills and make it a passion too.


The most memorable highlight for me thus far would be being approached to model for a a number of local brands.
So far I've made a name for myself and that could be my overall achievement that I've personally felt is a great step for someone who is as young as me to be exposed to an industry that has a lot of older people with more experience.
At the end of the day, all that I am is simply a high school scholar with goals and an ambition to not only build but leave behind an empire.