La'Peace Musique drops remainder of BLVcout

After having dropped the first half of his album earlier in the month, Sifiso Nyamate aka La'Peace Musique will this October 25th drop the remainder to BLVcout.
"I will be releasing the rest of the album on the 25th of October. I am giving people My dark side and bright side of life at the same time.
"So they should expect the rest of the songs, from Amor(interlude) to Questions, Shake, Nature , Chrysanthemums, Could Tell , Ngwenya and Sorry",

The first part of the album was released on the 5th of October and consisted of songs like Bluebird(intro feat gee), -Hurt uu(freestyle), -Free Your Tts, -Past/feat rZr, -Masechaba, -Regular show, -Pray For Me , -I Just Wanna
"This album is all about life, the way life can turn to be, it's all about my struggle in life having anger issues, dealing with hatred, abuse, love life, mom's death, losing friends and nearly getting my self into drugs", said Nyamate.
"This album will change how people look at me and it is my hope that it will talk to the people especially the youth and it will go a long way in changing lives and bring nothing but knowledge to each and every soul out here", he added.

Having worked with the likes of AELLO  FREY, ZAYY, WEEKDAY, YOUNGBLAC, JAY ROY, DUCKSWIL(durban),TOPDJ, KEVIN M,DUSS BEATS, Gee and MEGAMIND on the production of the album and featuring another artist in their own right, rZr, the rapper said that this was only the beginning of bigger things to come.
"This album is just the tip of an iceberg, more is coming. This November we will be shooting my 3th music video for the song 'Past', featuring rZr.
"I am getting there you know (laughs). I mean all I ever wanted was to make my mom proud and the people that really believed in me from day one. I am a 19 year old boy who's looking forward to changing the youth and feeding them great fruits of the mind", said La'Peace Musique.